I love to write all tho these dys I type cause my hand writing sucks since my surgery

Why can’t sleep forever:

Why can’t we sleep forever
And live inside our dreams
Sheltered from the heartbreak
That life can sometimes bring
You could live in a world
Bordered only by your mind
And never have to worry
About running out of time
You could live out all your dreams
A life of love and laughter
Your every desire is fulfilled
You’d live happily ever after
You could take the stars
From the heavens up above
Then gift them to the one that shares your feelings of love
You could gather every rose
For only there eyes to see
You would never have to question
Will this love forever be.

Lovely Poem....(PS My hand writing was a joke after my coma/coiling--so bad I couldn't fill out the most simple forms let alone even write my name legibly -- practice, practice practice--within a years time it was back to what it was) Peace, Janet

You really mean it one year because my temple area is so swollen and hurtso bad especially when it throbs burns and my skin feel tight all at one time I am having trouble I want to feel better

Hi Bonnie,

I'm sorry you're having such pain--have you contacted your doctor(s) recently ? Is this pain from your surgery? Peace to you as you get thru all this, Janet

Hi Bonnie, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so miserable. I hope you feel better soon. Sending positive thoughts your way. Michelle

Yes I did and I just went for a CT scan last friday

! Hiyas! Especially like the part about worrying re running out of time- I do this a lot, I guess cause i'm so slow and can't multitask and my time perception seems to be off. Thank you for posting! yes handwriting and math subtraction was really bad, I could hardly sign a check not recalling the special "scribble" Things have returned thank God!