Overwhelming anxiety after ruptured ansuerym 1 and a half years later

Hello. This site has helped me so much…things like why do I still get splitting headaches, etc. But I feel like something bad is going to happen and my counselor says it the anxiety…I never thought I would live to see 2013 and now it’s 2014 and that anxious feeling never goes away…Can anyone relate? I also feel like what now? Because I don’t feel like a better me…I lost a lot since 8.11.12…my job, my financial security, etc so what now? Am I always gonna feel like my body will betrayed me again?

Hi Harriet,

Have you considered going to see a Neuologist regarding the headaches? And are you taking anything for the constant anxiety of it all, like anti-anxiety medication?

I think that a lot of us feel similar feelings to what your going thru. Like, when is the next shoe gonna drop--and its pretty normal I think considering what we've all experienced. Its great that you're seeing a counselor though, I hope he's helping you work this out at least a little bit (?) Did your annie get clipped or coiled or?

I know none of this is easy, and yes, I can relate !

Peace to you as you get thru it all


I do see a neurologist and he told me to take extra strength tylenol for the headaches. I have a low sensitivity to noise & when I think for too long I get the headaches. I have medicine for depression and anxiety but the anxiety is a PRN so my counselor wants me to make an appointment with the psychiatrist and deal with the anxiety better. I want to move on but it’s hard. I was a social worker so you would think I’d be better at moving on but it’s so hard.
My ansuerym was clipped.
Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. Sometimes it feels like it…



A Psychiatrist or a Psychologist PhD level that specializes in EEG Neurofeedback would be especially helpful for you. This type of treatment has helped my wife immensely and best of all it is non-invasive and drug free and health insurance should cover it for you. It only took a couple of treatments to get very noticeable results. If you are interested do a search engine query on the following term ISNR Neurofeedback. At ISNR's website you can find a list of practicioneers in your region.


I wonder if my neuro psychologist can help with that. She is supposed to be starting me up with neuro plasticity to help get everything back that way it was before. I’m supposed to start next month. But I will definitely got to the site and see if she or any others in my area can help. Thank you for the suggestion!