How to deal with anxiety?


I am new to this...

I had a burst aneurym clipped 4 weeks today. I am actually doing quite well. Most of my anxiety stems from finding out I yet another smaller one. My neurosurgeon is away for 3 was my family doctor that told me I have another one.

He really does not have much more information and tells me to be patient till my neurosurgeon gets back and I can discuss options with him.

In the meantime I am a basket case...
Has anyone ever tried meditation? I am trying to remain positive but the anxiety takes over.

Any suggests would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks Jim…I needed the reassurance …and I signed up for a meditation class this Tuesday…I will also try a meditation CD…anything that will help.
Really appreciate you taking time to reply to me…

Hi Shirley,

I had a ruptured annie 5 years ago and had to deal with anxiety. I was told that this was normal. I did go on Xanax, a very small dose, .25mg and took those occasionally. I did a lot of praying about it and that helped more than anything. I am recently 18 days post op with 2 clippings done on 2 additional annies that were found in April. When I begin to become anxious I just tell myself that nothing bad happens when I become anxious, it is just a feeling and it passes. I visualize myself pushing this feeling away. It is scary and frustrating but with prayer and determination you can overcome it. It is also a normal response after having any type of brain injury or manipulation. I hope this helps. If you ever need to talk, send me emails. I am on here allthe time checking on everyone and learning lots. :slight_smile:
Sherri Preston

Hello Shirley,
I hope this message gets to you when you are in a better place. Waiting fr surgery is really hard, and at the same time i did have some time to talk with love ones and contact some that have been so special to me in my life.
As soon as i was told about my aneurysm , the doctor printed out a script for xanax, and when i felt the anxiety starting to build i would then take my meds, ALso for me after my 1st mini stroke i started with migraine and had in the past never had that issue. So they has my on firocet for migraines as needed.Yalk with your doc and they can call something in for you…there is no sense in white knuckling it, when help is there, but you have to let them now

So if you can quiet your mind and perhaps spend sometime with friends and love one during this time , that is priceless. It was really hard for me to quiet myself, My goal was to get back to where i was prior to surgery . I also take things one day at a time, and if needed a take it 5 minuets at a time.

Thanks for the reply and advice. I am glad your surgery went well. Yes, it is all very scary. This site has helped me alot.
Such wonderful caring people.
I am going to try some meditation classes tomorrow and see if this helps with the anxiety. Praying brings comfort also.
One day at a time…that will have to be my motto …
You are in my prayers for a continued recovery.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking time to help me. I will talk to my neurosurgeon as soon as I can when he gets back from holidays… Fear of the unknown is always the worst.
I will ask about xanax. I am going to start a meditation class to see if I can get some help. My brother who is a cancer patient (survivor) says it helps him.
I will continue to pray which brings me comfort…
you are in my prayers

Hi Shirley,
I too have anxiety. Most of us do. I went to a psychologist for three months and we worked on tools to recognize I was beginning to stress and what to do about that stress. Different things work better than others. To begin with I do not think your surgeon would have mentioned the second aneurysm if he felt you were in immediate danger. Make an appointment to see him on Monday for when he gets back. Does he have anyone covering for him you could see. I do a lot of visualization to move me out of anxiety and I walk a lot and only look at and think of nature. I also play card games and brain games where I can only think of what I am doing and nothing else. I also tell myself out loud…I am not going through that door. I have done what I can today. Hope this helps.