Out of the hospital recovering from the clipping

Went to my 4 hour doctors office visit on Tues; since we are from out of town...had all kinds of family meeting that evening, emotional since father had passed away on Sunday, but the plans changed when I met the doctor, he wanted me admitted in the hospital after leaving his office, surgery would be in the morning, 1st case...so met my family in morning at 5:00am before surgery and then don't remember too much after that...I was in surgery for 6 hours, and the next day I awoke for short periods of time...the next day, I had some swelling in face on my left side where the surgery was done, my eyes saw double in some directions, the doctor felt because of the closeness of the 3rd and 4th nerve that was why, so it should get better with time...I was discharged and left to stay with my sister whose an RN for a couple of weeks before going back to my home in Orlando, FL. Started to go down hill with pain and swelling, so they put me on steroids, now today I feel much better. I can't wait to be finished with all this and go back home, but it;s nice to spend some time with my sister as well. Can't wait to play the Yahtzee and Scrabble she bought. Maybe in another day or two. Thought, I'd update you all, hope those that were going to surgery around the same as me are all doing well as well.

Hi Sheree,

It's good to hear from you and to learn that your "just in time" surgery was successful and that your recovery is going well. Thanks be to God!

What a blessing to have a sister who is an RN that you can convalesce with. It must be quite reassuring to have someone care for you who knows what to do and what to watch for.

I hope you have a smooth recovery from here on and that you will be able to play Scrabble soon. It's my favorite game! I love being able to play against the computers on my iPad!

May God continue to bless you with healing.


Sheree - Sounds like there have been a few blips but glad to hear things are going better now! Be sure to get rest and take care of yourself. Must be glad to have a nurse that is a sister! My mom is coming to stay with me for two weeks after surgery and she is a nurse and has had the clipping surgery twice. Good to lean on family…especially when they are educated in the medical field. :slight_smile:

I am scheduled for clipping on May 30. I had a pre-admission call with a nurse on Thursday and it has left me very rattled. I ge informed consent but sometimes ignorance is bliss. I feel like I am second guessing my choice and feeling very scared. Wish I was on the other side and this surgery was all over!

Take care and continue to get better!