I was diagnosed with 3 unruptured brain aneurysms 11 years ago. I had a coiling in 2004 and a year later the coiling shifted and they put in a stent that went through an artery that had the coiled aneurysm and another one that was close to it. they have been ok since then. About 3 years ago the 3rd aneurysm grew and the Dr. decided to coil and stent that aneurysm. I had it done and was checked 6 months after and again 2 1/2 years after that. I had an MRI and it looked good and The Dr. said I won't have to see him anymore unless I have any symptoms. I had my first surgery done in NY, second in NJ and last one in PA. I said to the Dr. that I was a surprised to hear that after all these surgeries and having multiple aneurysms. He then said that #1 it isn't cost effective and #2 I shouldn't be subjected to anymore tests if not necessary. I agree with the 2nd but the first doesn't please me. My Grandfather died of a ruptured brain aneurysm and after having 3 of them I'm nervous about not having them checked again after a few years

I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion about this. Should I go for a second opinion? Would you feel comfortable with what the Dr. has said?

Dianne, I sure would if I was in your shoes.....sure it would make you feel a whole lot safer!

Hi Dianne,

Yeah, you should avoid the latest Neurosurgeon and go see another in a year or two, whatever you're comfortable with, as c'mon--you have a strong history that can't be ignored! I would've been rather put off by the Neurosurgeons statement. His opinion is just that--an opinion, and you can take it or leave it. I'd leave it and find someone who looks at your situation in a more pro-active, better to be safe rather then sorry, way.

Peace, Janet

Thanks for your input. I will contact another Doctor. I've always taken my situation very seriously but never let it get me down. Since he has given me his opinion I've been feeling uncomfortable. So I think I'll go with having them checked again in a year or two.

Yes...I think I would get a second opinion...I am under the impression we are all to be watched forever...~ please keep us posted ~ Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen