Were back after 4 years for "expert" advise... Nobody knows better then you

Hi everyone, well we are back for support after 4 years. I'm sorry we haven't been here to support other people but we both just wanted to try and put it behind us and try not to think about the scary days 4 years ago.

We need support again please, he has to make a decision and no better people to help him but the people who have been through this themselves, so here I go.

Our story. My husband had an aneurysm rupture 4 years ago. He was so blessed because his doctors coiled it and he has lived a very "normal" life since. We decided to have the anneurysm checked by angio (this was supposed to have been done 2 1/2 years ago) to make sure things still looked good. Well, that was not the case. The neck of the aneurysm has grown 2 to 3 mm and now they say he needs to have it repaired again. We are so scared because he is feeling so well (headaches now and then but for the most part good). Here are his choices:

Stenting and more coils - Interventional radiologist says 1 to 2 stents since the neck is wide. He said not emergency but should be taken care of soon. He did recommend us to go see a neurosurgeon (one he recommended) and talk about having it clipped as an option. We went to see the neurosurgeon and he told us that he really didn't recommend having it stented and coiled because of it being in the ACOM artery, that is unchartered territory. We were told if he has the stenting, he will never have the option to have it clipped. Both doctors told us this.

Clipped - Hopefully perm solution but so invasive. So much healing time and so, so risky.

As of right now we have a surgery scheduled to have it clipped on Nov. 30th but we would like to hear your thought since you are all "experts" at this. Are we doing the right thing?

Any success stories with having stents and more coils put in at the ACOM artery site?

Thanks so much

So sorry to hear of this news.. I have been clipped.. and have had No side effects.. Yes it was major surgery, but I seem to be doing well.. I'm still a bit tired some times, but that too is getting much better.. I elected to be clipped so I wouldn't have to worry any more.. and am very happy I did..

if you have any questions please let me know I'd be happy to help..

Your both in my prayers and thoughts..


Is the onyx (liquid embolization) an option? That is what I had done. I'm ok, I have some bad migraines and fatigue, but, think that this is caused by something else.

Prayers for your husband.


glad to see you back n will keep ur husband n family n my prayers…God will direct you towards the right decision n drs with ur husbands best interest in mind…stay strong n keep ur faith high.:wink:

Hi Alana,

Sorry to hear that things are not as final as they seemed with your hubbys initial rupture and coiling, but great news that he recovered so well before and shall hopefully repeat his speedy and full recovery and return to normal life once again very soon.

My annie was coiled and altho not an emergency rupture I was promptly admitted and coiled and was told due to how deep the annie was inside the brain coiling was the only way to go.

My first angio was this week and I am blessed that my coiled annie is looking great and my second annie is presently stable on the wait n see, although due to new technology it has been looked at it in more detail and determined that it has a very wide neck so a a stent would be a must, but clipping would also be an option this time due to its location so this time around I too will have the unfortunate task of making a choice rather than having the decision made for me.

Having said that, the thought of waiting yet again for follow ups to find it may need further surgery on the same annie, and limited to choice of procedure due to stents then I I personally would feel at peace with clipping as a more permanent solution if I need to undergo any further treatments

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes


If I recall correctly, some surgeons can now do ACOM via the underside above the eye depending on the neck axial location. If this would be true, it would be so much less invasive and a permanent solution. Good luck!

Hope the operation goes well I was clipped and I am ok back at work two children since if he has clipping he won’t have to worry anymore. I recovered quite fast in 6months had two ops moved house and got pregnant and returned to work. Hope your husband recovers as fast. Jess.xxx

I feel so bad that your husband is going through again. I was clipped in June 7, 2011 and have had no side affects yet. Although I am still unable to work or drive due to not being released from the doctor. I will be praying for both of you and may your journey be a good one.

Live, Laugh, and Love, Amy

Hi Alana and again Welcome Back to BAF...! I wrote on your page b4 reading main page...

Know that you and hubby are in my thoughts and prayers...Colleen

Thank you so much everyone for welcoming us back! You are all so kind and caring, and I'm sure all of you know how much this means to us. I almost said, "you have no idea how much this means to us" but then I remembered that "yes you do know how much this means to us"!!! This support group is so awesome!

I'm sure my hubby will have his aneurysm clipped on the 30th but it's just so hard to face it and it is coming very soon. Does anyone know anything about Dr. Newell at Swedish hospital in Seattle? He is the neurosurgeon who will be performing his surgery.

For those of you have had your annie's clipped, how long do you normally have pain at the brain entry site? How long until you felt like you could feel a little more normal? We would like to know more about the recovery time, thank you...again for your knowledge.

Yes, I know Dr Newell very well and he nows me way too well.. :) He was my surgeon..

He did my clipping on the 14th of July.. I'd be happy to answer any and all of your question..


Really??? So awesome, I would love to chat with you!

We could talk on the phone if you like… I can give you my number

Perfect, when would be a good time?

Any time… now is fine…