Ophthalmic artery stenosis after unruptured aneurysm with pipeline stent

Has anyone else had ophthalmic artery stenosis after a pipeline stent for their aneurysm? I had my unruptured cerebral aneurysm stented with a pipeline stent back in 2018 (very thankful) and started having vision loss/issues in my right eye last year. They discovered that immediately after the aneurysm/stent, my ophthalmic artery is more than 90% stenosed. They cannot surgically treat; it is branched off immediately following where my vessel/aneurysm is stented. We did Plavix and aspirin for 3 months and it seemed to help. After stopping Plavix for about 2 months I started having vision issues and temporary loss again so after some interesting events I’m back on Plavix and Aspirin. Anyone else experiencing anything similar to this?


I have several pipeline stents due to a ruptured aneurysm and have been on two blood thinners as a result to prevent what you are describing. I have had several ministrokes as a result of the procedures and have been told that stenosis was a possibility so we have stayed on the thinners until the neurosurgeon is satisfied. I have not lost vision but I keep a healthy sensitivity to light. In other places I have had strokes which have left me with some emotional and speech issues geographically separate from the stent placement areas. Keeping me on the thinners is the bandaid while they let the stents and annie heal then they will feel there is less risk and also less intrusions from angiograms etc…

I know that doesnt fully answer your question but I am on two thinners as well to keep things flowing while my body decides how we are tackling this overall and hopefully more procedures dont add more flare.

I’m so sorry to hear of your vision loss. I too have an aneurysm adjacent to my opthalmic artery which ruled out clipping and coils. I have three overlapping flow diversion stents that were placed in two sepatate surgeries. Going at the end of this month for my 6 month angio to see if it’s finally given up (so far it has refused to occlude). Vision loss has been a concern with mine as well and i was relieved when I could see afterward but still worry for the future. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and I wish I had something positive to share. I am happy to hear your vision is corrected while on the blood thinners. Is the plan for you to remain on the blood thinners long term?

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing. Tentatively the plan is to stay on Plavix and the lower dose aspirin but they are admittedly kind of doing some educated guessing at this point. The worse part is the viscous dizziness that is accompanying it. Not really sure what to do with that at this point. More tests and MD appointments coming up. I guess we will see what comes of it. Thankful as it could be much worse. Any tips on reducing dizziness is always welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing and I am truly sorry to hear what you have been going through. I’m sending healing wishes your way and appreciate greatly you sharing your story with me. Did you, or do you, have dizziness? I’m having viscous dizziness now.

Julie, so amazing to hear from you today. I was just coming here to post something I read on Facebook. Although it’s not a desired outcome, what’s happening to you apparently has happened to others. I don’t know if the cause is the same, but the effect is. I’m going to upload a screenshot of the posts that reminded me of you. I know these aren’t a solution but I always feel better when I find out I’m not alone.

(Screenshot removed by Moderator as it contained last names of some on FB, we don’t use anyone’s last name here, we do try very hard to protect everyone we can as this is not a private group, sorry for the inconvenience.)

I appreciate hearing what you are facing. Knowing what people face and having time to chew on that information is how I stay calm and so I appreciate knowing what you are experiencing. Just had my paraclinoid opthalmic segment annie treated with coils and a flow diverter, and I know vision loss is a risk down the road, but hoping that doesn’t happen. Mine is not on the opthalmic artery, but is right next to where it branches off, so they were trying to get the flow diverter in just the right spot to protect it. I hope your vision stays as it is and does not get worse.

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I really hope the repair works well for you Shel!

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Sorry, I should have thought of that. Unfortunately I’m not savvy enough to blur names. It took me forever to figure out a way to include it as it was.

Julie, via a post at another site I read about 3 people in a similar situation to you - all were continuing blood thinners. Two permanently, one while further testing takes place. Definitely not the desired outcome, but at least all three have had their vision restored.

Thank you so very much for sharing this. My doctor, who is amazing, said he has not ever had to put one of his pipeline stent patients on these 2 meds longer than 6 months. I don’t really love the idea of being his first but if it keeps my eyesight intact I suppose it is a therapy we will have to consider. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to hear that I’m not alone in this therapy plan. I appreciate your sharing; thank you again!

I don’t know how to blur names either. Sometimes electronic gizmos give me quite the challenge…

If you want to strike out information in a photo, you can use the photo editor to “markup” the image and draw a line a similar colour to the background to obliterate the details you don’t want to show.

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Hello. My mother (57) had dizziness and loss of balance. MRI showed a right carotid ophthalmic 2 mm unruptured aneurysm. The doctors say her symptoms are not due to this and that currently surgical risks are higher than chances of its ruption. So they decided conservative treatment and close observation. We rechecked after 6 months and the size and structure is the same. Still, I’m worried not to make a mistake. She has no high blood pressure, no visual problems, no family history, she doesn’t smoke.
What was the size of yours?

Hi Tamar,
My aneurysm was 5 mm but was in my Right Internal Carotid artery (cerebral location) and they did a pipeline stent. My right ophthalmic artery issue is stenosis (it is closed more than 90%). I know each case is so very different and I wish your mom (and you well). I know this is a very stressful time. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you may have and I’ll do my best to answer regarding what my experience has been. Best wishes!

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Thank you for your support. I have read a lot of articles. 2 mm aneurysm have almost zero risk of rupturing in anterior circulation unless there are other risk factors. Hope this is true and regular check-ups will help us lead a normal life. Wish you health.

Welcome Tamar! I hope your mom’s doctors are able to figure what is causing her symptoms, dizziness and loss of balance isn’t fun. I know this might sound odd, but has she had her eyes (Opthalmologist) and ears (ENT) checked out? Both can affect these symptoms. Wishing you both the best!