Finally got my surgery date

They finally called. It seems I've been waiting forever. I'm having my PED on the 27th. I'm so glad to finally be getting this over with, but nervous at the same time. Seems like my whole life is filled with nothing but stress and now this. I went through an 8 year marriage of abuse and after ten years of being away from this man I still get to deal with harassment. Joys of having kids with a psycho lol....makes staying calm very hard for me.

You were wise enough to get you and your children out of that situation. That is to be commended. Praying for you to have peace in your life and a speedy recovery from the upcoming surgery. Good thoughts headed your way. * myra

Hi Dawn...I am glad you got your date for PED...will keep you in my thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen

Hi Dawn: Wishing you lots of luck during your surgery. I am having a 9mm internal caratoid artery abeurydm coiled the first week of May and I too am a nervous wreck. Good luck and prayers to you

Thanks everyone!

You will be in my prayers. I pray that you have peace as your surgery gets closer and closer. I am glad that your aneurysm was found. I will also be praying for your recovery. Please let us know how you are doing.

God Bless,