One Year Annie - Today

Hi all!

I just wanted to post a bit of encouragement for those that have discovered an aneurysm and may be undergoing a coiling procedure. Exactly one year ago today I was still in the operating room undergoing emergency coiling for my 10mm right post com art aneurysm that had been leaking and giving me extreme pain for a whole week prior to me deciding that "something isn't right and I need to get back home and get to the doctor now!"

So even though I had a second coiling procedure to add a few more coils, and I am still on a continuous six month re-check (I have 2mm wide neck remnant), I am happy to say that life is good!

Life has definitely changed...but in my opinion, only for the better. Even though I may not post often, I read the blogs, discussion, and all the information posted. I am so grateful for this site and believe there is a reason for everything that has happened in my life - including the brain aneurysm and definitely discovering this great support group.

Here's to another year, and another year, and another year....

Congrats to you. I celebrated 2 years September 26th. My wife and I make a point of making a “Thom’s not dead.” toast every year. It is an easy anniversary to remember.

Cheers to you from 12 years in your future! I’m at 13 years on March 9th. :slight_smile:


Congratulations...and, wishing you every great follow-up...


Thanks for the congrats and I am especially encouraged by Tammy’s story of almost 13 years - may my hope and prayers to never experience another surgery be so blessed!

Linda - thank you for posting this! It's so great to hear great stories, and yours is wonderful.

Just curious - what type of follow-ups do you have every 6mos - MRI/A or femoral angio?

And yes ---- here's to lots more years!

Hi Jennifer - Thx for the cheer! Each six months I have a MRI/MRA (no contrast - just an image) It is read immediately and I see my neuro-radiologist a few hours later to learn the results and discuss the option to continue on a wait & watch or undergo another coiling to add a stent and a few more coils. So far everyone is fine with my desire to stick to the wait & watch approach. I believe if I am at the same status next MRI/MRA in May that I move to a year or maybe two year evaluation periods.