One year "annie"versary! I am a survivor!

Today marks my one year "annie" versary of the finding of my annies, and my one year anniversary since I quit smoking!

Tomorrow is one year of the first attempt to coil my annie which failed. Although it's been a heck of a year, I am thankful for that pain in my arm that made me go to the hospital this time last year and for those wonderful doctors at Crozer Chester Medical Center who had the sense to start at the top of my head and work their down, however, they never got past my brain and found my 2 annies.

To everyone I thank you all for the wonderful support that I have received and which has helped me to get through the experience of my after annie journey and applaud you all for your strength, wisdom in sharing in my experiences!

Best wishes,



Hi Linda, you’re in my prayer eveytime ,!!!
happy happy annie…versary.
take care of you, our leader !

congratulations Linda-thank YOU-Dr.Jabbour would be proud as we are- and may God keep a blanket of protection around you& yours

Congratulations, Linda.

You have indeed been blessed. Thanks be to God.



Thanks so much, you have been a great friend during my journey! I thank God for helping me to find such wonderful friends!




Dr. Jabbour was my light that got me to quit smoking!!! I thank him every day for that!!

Thank you for your thoughts!
From one Dr. Jabbour survivor to another!



Thank you Jamie, I appreciate your kind words!



God is good and I am truly blessed! thanks for your words!!


Wooo! That’s great news! Happy anniversary :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Robin! :)

Thanks Sue, you are always so cheerful and I'll take all the prayers you got!



Awesome...You go Linda...Congratulations on your 1 Year "Annie" versary...~ Colleen


I am proud to call you my sister and still still have you in my life to make me miserable!!! Lol. You have worked so hard to do everything the doctor has told you to do and not to do and look what you have accomplished! You have managed to break a smoking habit of 30 some odd years (cough cough cough … feeling old yet? Lol) and you did it all on your own!!! You should be proud of yourself for achieving this amazing feat as well as being my little sister lol.

The fact that we have both survived aneurysm surgery and have managed to keep our 2nd aneurysms from rupturing is a miracle only because of our fierce determination to survive as well as the fact that God doesn’t want us bitches anyway! :-p.

I love you and I have always been blessed to have you as my little sister. (Except when i got grounded because of you. )

Happy annie-versary!!!

Love… the bestest most awesome big sister you will ever know or have! Lol


WOW! What a testimony. Sisters who are survivors.

Thanks be to God for your recoveries.


Thanks Colleen!!

Incredible isn't it Carole? Unfortunately, our paternal grandmother and her brother weren't so lucky, they both died from rupture annies :(

But we thank God every day we are survivors!!

I love you so much sista and couldn't have asked for a better sister in the world!!! *hugs* and as always, thank you for always being there for me!! As you know, quitting smoking was incredibly hard for me and some days I would kill for a cigarette!!! LOL But I just keep praying to God and asking Him to help me through it!

Thank you dear sista, ILY so much!

Funny thing about our surgeries Sue,

Terry's was in February, 2010, 2 months before her 50th birthday.

My surgery was in June, 2011, 2 months before my 50th birthday.

Now that is sisterly sharing huh?? lol


Thanks Laurie!