One year Annie-versary!

Today is my one year Annie-versary. I feel blessed and happy to be here but also emotional. I just wanted to post this somewhere where other people understand.

Hi Janna,

Big annie-versary! It is a great accomplishment that is for sure, and also an emotinal one! So what are you feeling emotionally?

Sandy B.


So hope you may hare more in your recovery, your help others iwho are making their decision for clip, coil or pipeline...and, for others in the recovery process...

Prayers for your continued many many annie-versaries...


Congratulations! Annie-versaries are always very emotional for me too. I've just celebrated my 11th annie-versary.

Carolyn D.

Congrats Janna ! with many annie-versaries to come ! Peace to you in your continued healing,


Happy Annie-versary. I understand as mine is coming up this July. Hang in there!! <3 Huggs

Happy 1 Year Annie ~ Versary... ~ I too understand I felt the same after my 1 year does get better...the next sure to do something nice for YOU...~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Congratulations!! for my 1st annieversary (in feb) I invited 40 people (people who helped me and my family while I was in the Neuro ICU for8 weeks the 1st time and 5 weeks the 2nd) we had a thankyou all party. I also took a cookie cake to the ICU to thank them for saving my life a year ago. they were surprised and touched because they "don't get to see the good results often" it was an entire day of celebration for me, my kids, husband and friends!

Very emotional as well, and even a little "survivor's" guilt in those days when I forget how blessed I am.

Hugs and CONGRATS to you! CELEBRATE!!!