One year after coiling

I had a coiling done last year. Recently I am getting a pulsing sensation/pain from the site of the coiling. Has anyone ever expierenced anything like this? Should I be worried?

hi Adrian! yes I get that too-im 4 yrs post sah coiling, I wouldn't worry- I get one lately that's very faint and it almost feels like being tickled with a feather and each stroke is a slight pulsing, the pressure is from sinus and the surgeon agreed, the occ therapist said to never put head lower than level of heart and once I forgot and got a rude reminder-throbbing pulsations--I quickly uprighted myself and recalled her words.not sure if this was because of the coils or because of the shunt. Anyway keep your eye on it and call nueros if it continues or worsens, keeping you in thoughts and prayers~


Have you had a follow-up angio? Or when is it planned?


Hello Adrian,

Is this pulsation a new thing? Hummm...and pain? when is your next follow up angiogram? If it seems out the ordinary to you, maybe a call to your Neuro is not a bad idea. Best of luck !


Hi Adrian...Congrats on 1 year of Brain Annie~versary...Have you had a 1 year follow~up angiogram? Anything you have experienced before should be addressed with the Surgeon...~ keep us posted ~ Gotcha in my thoughts Colleen

I had a follow-up about 3 months ago and it was good. I am going to go for an MRA just to be sure.

This helps! Thank you!

I get headaches almost daily near the site of one of my coilings. It concerns me. Hoping it's just a headache and not a problem. Go for 3 month follow up the end of August