One MONTH Later

Hey all -

Well one month later from embolization coiling at MGH, by Olgivy, surgery was done in 2 hours. I don't really remember much of the stay there, and really only remember that neuro surgeon coming in to remove the sheath in my femoral, weird weird, weird! I go for follow up w/Dr. O next friday. He told my boys it went 'better than expected'.

I came home had some strange visual experiences, after a couple of days, that went away. A few days of bad depression, now on noritryptline, 50 mg, 2 BID, and see a neurologist for pain in my r occipital lobe , aka occipital neuralgia, which is unrelated to the annie, however, I know when it started an how, but nobody believes me, and that totally sucks.

I am good, tho, back to work, part time, but I find myself NOT even wanting to remember this or even talk about it, ppl freak out. I did contact my long lost friend, who is a 22 yr survivor of annie and was coma for a long time, plus rehab, she is incredible.

Tom, thank you for my gift, you are sweet.

I hope everyone is well, and am planning to go to some support groups, might be better in person, Jamie thanks for the phone call too!!!


Cynthia...I so understand...glad you are doing better...

Have a Beautiful day...! Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen


I am so glad you are doing better. Hope it continues and you can go enjoy this beautiful day with your dog!!