OMG that hurt

August 11th 2012...Just chilling at home with my daughter that night, went to my bedroom to get something then bam it felt like someone had axed me in the head...I yelled for my daughter to call an ambulance, I was vomiting, sweating, couldnt have the light on. It was the longest 8 minutes waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I dont remember arriving at the hospital or the helicoptor ride to the RBWH or even the next 5-6 weeks. I can only go on what my daughter has told me and the horror of what they all went through. I spent the first 3 days just being monitored as they didnt think I would make it. Day 4 they went in and coiled my aneurysm. The next 4-5 days after that they were pumping medicine into my brain, I had a stroke and what they call a twilight seizure. I spent a month in ICU, then at 5 weeks they put a shunt in. Week 6 is when I finally started to realise I was awake. My muscles had wasted away so they sent me to rehab where I had to learn to walk again. I then spent the next month in rehab. 10 weeks in hospital gggrr I wanted to go home. I still go to community rehab at the hospital. I have a frozen shoulder, my balance is shocking, lightheaded and dizzy. But it is all improving each week. My MRI showed that the shunt is working and the coils are doing the job for now. I suffer mostly from fatigue, showering makes me tired but I push through that little bit harder each time. I want to go back to work, I want to be able to exercise, I want the old me back. I know this may never happen but I didnt give up back then and Im not ready to give up now.

I have gained so much weight, I had to cut my long hair off, my balance is so bad I walk like I've had to much to drink...LOL But im alive, I will loose weight once I can exercise properly, my hair will grow back and eventually my balance will come back(I hope).

Again, Hi Kath and Welcome...Glad you found us ~ and you are so not alone ... we totally understand...and you are still healing. I felt this way about the weight...and Neuro kept saying don't worry it will get better...and he was right .. it took time until the body sorts itself out from meds and just the trauma to the brain...~ God Speed ~ Colleen

That's quite a story! Most of us who had an SAH went through something similar in varying degrees. I am almost 3 years out now and the doctors are amazed at my recovery. I sympathize with the balance and dizziness issues, that is what lasted the longest with me. About the only thing that differed greatly from other stories I have read is the weight issue. I lost a lot of weight in the first 3 months or so. I simply could not eat and had no desire for food. When people ask how I lost weight I tell them and make sure to point out that a brain hemorrhage is not a diet I recommend. I guess we are all different.

It sounds like you are doing great! Just get better and deal with the weight later. Its a bit lengthily and needs to be updated, but here is my story.

Best of luck to you.

You are not alone. My experience was similar. I am disappointed that I did not get to experience my first helicopter ride, because I was out cold. They say my heart stopped beating on that ride and they had to start it again. I had never been on a helicopter until then, and now I hope I never will again.

I wish you great progress in your recovery!

I'm coming up on the one year anniversary of the worst experience of my life.

I agree with Jim, and we should enjoy, respect, and appreciate ALL of things in life now.

I have seen great progress in my recovery this past 11 months and I hope you do too!

I am a little different now, but I know it's the same old me. Just finding some things a little more difficult now, but what the hell. I can adapt.

Peace, and best wishes to you.

omg Kath I thought Mine was the worst story but looks like you bin thru a lot . I honestly feel for you and even though my aneurysm hadn’t burst the Brain Surgery and the knowing that some of my aneurysm is still remaining is the worst pain I have ever been through my main concern is not for me but my children who I always try to remain strong for I feel like Zi have now got two people inside me coz wen I’m with my children I act as if nothing’s wrong and I try to crack jokes and I stay positive in front of them but wen I’m alone I just cry until my head hurts which isn’t good but I can no longer bottle things up I o weak every time I think about my traumatic experience.

Hi Kath ,

Wow, incredible story of survival and strength !! It sounds like the 'old you' is is chasing up behind the new you and will soon catch up ! Glad you found this website ! Peace, Janet