has any one feels that the aneurysm aged them with the stoke i feel like i aged 50yrs i walk slower, move slower does it take that much out of you my sister, mother are always saying how slow i am talking on the phone everything.i was always out mowing the grass riding the horses ,walking threw fields looking for new calfs will i ever be the same??? shit i dont want to be this old lady that i feel ive become.i cant lift nothing instant headacre i lifted 50 tbs bales of hay everyday.i want my life back.i want to start looking for someonre what do you tell them sorry i cant do nothing no more.theweight is driving me nuts 25llbs from the meds and not smoking my feet hurt are num all the timt drive me nuts…its been almost a year .i cryed the other day i think it was jims page motorcyle he sounded like he wanted to die i hurt reading his page but sometimes i understand how he feels .i know we should thank god over and over again for letting us live me 3 times i beat death but sometimes its the after math that does you in .i had no aftercare rotton insurance will i ever be stronger again?

I am so sorry to hear about your situtation. I really can not comment on it since I have not gone through the same thing as you. Mine is going to be clipped so it’s still in tact right now. I just wanted you to know that your being thought about and you will make it through this. Hang in there and remember even those who don’t have to deal with what we have too also have good days and bad…YOU WILL BE STRONGER AGAIN!
)( Hugs )(

Hang in there Linda. You’ve already overcome so much, don’t give up now. You mentioned that you would also like to meet someone special to share your life with. What you tell the people that you will meet is the truth. If they stick by you, help you and try to understand to the best of their abilities…you’ve found a keeper! Don’t be ashamed of what you have been through. It may have changed how you do things to the lady that lives today but deep down, you’re still the same horsewoman you ever were!! :slight_smile: Keep your chin up and instead of wanting your life back…TAKE IT. All you need to do is learn to accept that some things will take a little longer to do. That’s all. You’re already stronger than you think…keep looking ahead Linda. Hugs

Please don’t misunderstand. I am not saying that you should give up or stop trying to improve but at some point we have to accept who we have become or how we have been left post aneurysm repair. There are approximately 1000 people on this site. Some have made full recoveries. Some have deficits. There are deficits we can improve and others that are lifelong. I hope that you continue to improve. Take care.

thanks linda

thank you tina,i just look at my self and say what the hell happened.oh that i will i am a fighter and i will get another house and more horses again i beat it three times and ill do it again i just cant get over what this has done to me this time i know i had blood sitting in my brain killing my brain cells ,but i went though 9 surgeries with the cancer i really think it was easier and for one year i lived in hell my stomach opened up and i had to walk around with A wound vac on i was plugged into a extension cord for a year and they lelf me looking like a freak my whole stomach craved in,so your right i will fight again thanks love linda