Old 4mm Right internal carotid artery aneurysm disappeared, but a new left carotid siphon of 1.5mm pouch shows up in a latest MRA

I’m asking this for my sister. (I have craniotomy 4 years ago with my 8mm Right Internal Carotid Artery aneurysm, RICA).

How possible is it that her 4mm RICA aneurysm was consistently observed for the past 5 years with CTA and MRA until the most recent MRA (without contrast) negated all the previous findings? Not only that, the new finding said that she has a new 1.5mm outpouching in the Left Carotid Siphon. Sizes and locations are all different.

This is quite a shock to us. I have been the one who keeps track of her reports. I don’t think a 4mm aneurysm (grew from 2-3mm to 3-4mm in the past 5 years) could disappear that easily.

I’d like to know if any of you encounter such a strange findings after years of monitoring?

Thank you so much.

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I’ve never heard of one disappearing, but I did have the experience of one that was read incorrectly. I used to have my MRA then go the my Neurosurgeon’s for the appointment. One time the findings were put in before I saw her and they were scary. When we asked her about it, she said no that’s not correct. Told her to look and she jumped up, went to the phone and blasted the Radiologist out. The findings were changed immediately. To this day, I’ve often wondered if someone else’s findings were put in my chart by mistake.

Best to ask your sister’s Neurosurgeon to explain.

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Good suggestion. The film was ordered by my sister’s PCP locally. It was for a second opinion of treatment. It could very much be like what you said. Wonder if she can ask the radiologist to re-read the film or not. Thank you for your reply.

Most welcome! I learned if a radiologist doesn’t have the previous images, they have great difficulty in writing their findings down, though for the life of me, I haven’t figured why they need to look over what others have found. It took 3 months for one to finally submit his final findings last year that my Neurologist requested. I then had another done at the hospital I have all my procedures. My NP at the Neurosurgeon said it’s also dependent on the quality of the machines and perhaps how many cerebral images they read.

Instead of having the Radiologist read it, she might want to send all her images to a Neurosurgeon for their opinion

Great advices! She shall send all her images and the newest miracle image CDs to her neurosurgeon for reviews. Her PCP said, good news, your aneurysm disappears but a new ‘outpouch’ is found. Strangest thing I’ve ever heard. Good or bad, I am also trying to ‘learn’ anything from the CDs. (I loaded up a OsiriX Lite and it’s very hard to figure things out, of course, I have no trainings. :D) Hope to help her and thank you again.

Again welcome! I also have Osirix Lite. I can see the issues with spine but not the brain, I get lost in all the twists and turns. I know some of our members have shown some images in color and their Neurosurgeon has circled the area and/or put an arrow sometimes to the place, just like when a search is done on the internet. My Neurosurgeon doesn’t have that capability, I’ve asked. Please let us know why her Neurosurgeon says, I’m very interested. I do recall one member who believed he had a rupture but when they went to the Neurosurgeon, there was no aneurysm. Sorry I forgot about him until just now and unfortunately I have forgotten his name and all the particulars.

I had a 7mm on my left internal carotid artery that shrunk. Now they consider it a pseudoaneurysm because the artery is still wide but there is currently no ballooning. They monitor annually so far I haven’t had any changes but have been told that since I had one then its likely I may have others. I have an aunt who also has had several , some have been operated on and others have shrunk.

Welcome and thanks for sharing!