Ok I had the coiling done

At first all went well but once at home i suffered 2 minor strokes. I am doing better but scared. It just turns out I like to be in the rare side of things. Has anymore else experienced this before?

I did not have any strokes but I did manage to have a slight heart attack, pneumonia and a urinary track infection. I thank God it all happened while I was out of it. I was never in a coma. Talked to everyone that came into my room. I just have 20 days that I have no recollection of. Like you I don’t ever seem to do anything half way. Hopefully more people will read your post and can give you some better insight. Positive thoughts headed your way.

Hi Shay,

Wow, I'm stunned to hear of the complications you've endured after your coiling~does the doctor have you on any new meds (such as anti-seizure meds or blood pressure meds)? Hope you're back on the road to wellness (? )Yeah, fortunate you, get to have the added 'extra' fun thrown into your world, as if you needed all that ! Hope your healing is uneventful from here on out!

Peace, Janet

I had a small stroke after the surgery, which is what caused me to use a walker and need more therapy. I had either another small stroke or a vascular spasm that caused a setback after arriving home, but recovered rapidly. My symptoms of dragging on the left side are now only visible if I'm tired or by people who have known me a long time.

Cindy...was the cause/reason for the stroke explained?

No. My bf is a nurse, and he just said it can happen after any surgical procedure.

And, my curiosity has been of whether ours are hemorrhagic or ischemic...based on the meds and procedures...

Hi Shaydug,

My coiling procedure went well but I has problems when I arrived home.I was discharged on the 3rd day but readmitted in the early hours with a severe headache and visual disturbances.( visual disturbances began immediately after my surgery but told unrelated to my surgery) Then I had an odd sensation deep inside my brain on the right side and then I had involuntary movement of my left arm and leg. A few days later, I experienced the same odd sensation in my brain and I felt the right side of my face being pulled for a few seconds and my arm felt odd. I had a CT scan and they said there was no evidence of a stroke. I have had 3 MRA scans and still they say no stroke! A&E said possible TIA but the neurologist said no because this happened on my right side. ( same side as my aneurysm) I was told mild vasospasm/ small clots can break off from around the coils/seizure/ Then London neurologist told me he didn't know what I had experienced.

I have suffered a previous ischemic stroke when I was young which was misdiagnosed but that did show up on my scan.

Eve x

Hi Shayhug...I am so sorry you had this complication...but I know I was told it could happen when I was coiled...I didn't have the strokes but anything odd that could happen ... happened...they severed by Parent artery...cut my esophagus...and I had bleed in artery...please rest and get well...~ Thoughts and prayers out to you ~ Colleen