Oil pen, edibles, unsafe or ok in moderation?

Those who have had a rupture and have had their anuerysm successfully coiled or clipped, this question is for you. Do you completely avoid weed now? I know the doctors say not to, as it’s bad for the blood vessel constriction. But, once in a while, I get the urge. Is it okay to take one or two pulls from an oil pen? Are edibles okay?

I did smoke weed often before I had an aneurysm rupture, and I find it very hard to completely stop. Anyone else is also struggling to nix this habit?

This is the first time I’ve heard it’s bad for ruptured aneurysm survivors. My memory is terrible now so it’s possible I’ve been told this by a doctor but I don’t recall hearing that before. If it’s true I’ll avoid it in the future at all costs. I don’t want to roll the dice like that, especially considering I’ve already escaped death once.

That’s okay, I wouldn’t worry too much. I am coming on here to ask for feedback from others experiences. My doctor told me to not smoke weed. He also said no to vaping as well. But I don’t see how vaping occasionally puts me at risk at all, since the coiling/ aneurysm is healed. So for now, I will avoid as much as possible, and maybe partake on occasion.

I was never warned 15 years ago and continue to smoke pot recreationaly


not ok!! i vaped and fainted , 911 in hospital 2 days! please be careful!

Hmmm, I was allergic to the stuff before SAH and assume after as well. I try to avoid those things I can that cause me to go anaphylaxis mode, lol. I understand completely how trying to stop an addiction is difficult. But dude! Instead of focusing on the specific chemical, treat it as any other addiction - figure out what triggers your need to smoke, and develop another dr approved habit to combat the addiction.

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No neurosurgeon should ever tell you it is okay to smoke tobacco if you have had a vascular weakness (aka aneurysm). Every member of the medical community should speak with one voice on that. The tobacco chemicals cause your blood vessels to harden - according to one of my surgeons this is visible when a person takes a single inhalation of a cigarette. Vaping is just another nicotine delivery system, not to be considered safer than a paper cigarette or other tobacco products.

As far as marijuana and THC go, I have heard and read a lot of contradictory information on that. I would recommend you follow your doctor’s instructions and continue to search for new studies.


I had a ruptured Grade 4 SAH that was coiled almost 6 yrs. ago. I suffer anxiety, short term memory loss, insomnia and total loss of appetite. I didn’t want the valium fog or other side effects from Keppra. I take a couple puffs about 30 min. before meals to stimulate “munchies” and a couple puffs of Indica before bed. I never smoke if I need to drive. My doctors know I’m a medical mj patient. I don’t vape. Old fashion little bowl pipe. I’ve had no problems and all tests are clear. I’ve tried a couple edibles but they didn’t work for me. Moderation is key.

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Just from the “substance” perspective and personal experience, if you really can’t give up the pot, consider trying a 12-step program and see if anything resonates. I That’s that’s what ultimately helped me. To my surprise, I was not the only one struggling with both substances and an annie.

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Thank you Sher, I appreciate the insight. Moderation is key are the words I live by!

One needs to be very careful with marijuana. In NC it is not legal. There is no such thing as a medical mj pt, you will be breaking the law if you have mj. In fact, despite some states passing laws, the Federal Government has made no law making it legal to my knowledge. So just because someone in say Washington State can smoke it, doesn’t mean everyone else can.

I have so many questions on marijuana and members extolling it’s virtues. What is the reasoning behind people wanting to use marijuana? Why would one voluntarily damage their brain after our experiences? I’m not sure about anyone else, but my brain is still on crutches, why would I want it to be back in the wheelchair so to speak. So I found this, if its not your cup of tea, fine, but it really has good information on learning how our brains process

I had 2 aneurysms, 1 ruptured and 1 was clipped. The combustion when you smoke is what’s bad for you. Ingesting or vaping is just dandy, and helps me chill out. It’s been a blessing. Don’t let people scare you.

Anna, it’s the chemicals, THC, not the combustion. Why, if you have ruptured, would you want to introduce an avenue for more brain damage?

I used to live in Butte Co., right next door to Humboldt. I have no personal qualms on marijuana. But to suggest other members introduce something that is scientifically proven in numerous studies to mess with the brain signals and it’s chemicals isn’t good advice IMHO. We are trying to encourage the reconnection of damaged pathways that happens with all ruptures.

Also I believe every member should get both sides of a debate and make their own choices, it’s not an attempt at inducing fear. It is my attempt to have all members educated.