Odd feeling in forehead

Can anyone have any idea why am i getting creepy crawlies in my forehead? I had my angiogram and everything is good its just that i have a pulling creepy crawly feeling in my forehead and im thinking the nerves, any ideas?

Hmm? Laurie...not sure...I wonder if it is the nerves...like a small spasm...hope someone here can help you out...

Happy Tuesday ~ Cyber~hugs Colleen

Hi Laurie,

I had an angiogram in January and I've been experiencing a sensation similar to what you described on and off since then. It's odd because it reminds me of my post-surgical experiences of 42+ years ago. However, since it subsides after just a few minutes, I try not to worry about it especially since it's on the side where the aneurysm was clipped and not where the unruptured ones are.

Take care.