Observing the Annie

When the doctors decide to observe the annie, what does that mean? Do you take any medication during this process?

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The doctor I saw did not give me any instructions when I said I was not prepared to have the coiling procedure. My Annie is 8mm in the ACOM.

Hopefully, someone here can answer this question as I would like to know.

Why did you choose to not have the coiling done?

Bertina said:

Why did you choose to not have the coiling done?

I am delaying until I get better. I was in a wheelchair for the Mar. consult. I have recently started to walk again, but it is mostly on crutches for long distances. It is a good thing I delayed, because in May I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome aka RSD, which requires very specific surgical procedures to prevent the spread of this horrific condition to the rest of the body.

While I am delaying I am taking supplements and gelatin to help improve my cardio vascular health.

oh....that's too bad. :( Im very sorry for your health issues.

There is more to "coiling" an annie than just its presence or even its size. All annies are grade by either the Hess or Fisher scale. Unless there is intra-ventricular hemorrhage (IVH) or parenchymal extension. they are rated at 3 (this is not hard and fast by any means.) At that point the risk of surgery is greater than the risk from the annie. Grade 4 and above are general surgical surgical.

Other than blood pressure meds and the like there isn't much beyond recheck by MRI that is done

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