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Nobody is writing a script with you in mind

"Nobody was going to help me with this. Nobody was going to do this for me. Everything that came next, I had to generate. I had a casting director say to me once 'Nobody is looking for you… nobody is writing a script with you in mind but stick with it; it just might take you longer.’”

This is a quotation from comedian/actor Jason Mantzoukas, who had been discussing important lessons that applied to Hollywood but also to life. In the beginning, I needed help with all aspects of my recovery. As I continued to heal, I was able to address most of my problems on my own, which also meant as I learned about things like caregiver burnout. I wondered if that was something I would experience as my own caregiver. What I’ve realized is that while people are more than willing to help and provide support; the more open you can be in asking for their help or making difficult decisions, the more comfortable the situation. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid - Goethe (Of course, I heard this in the film Almost Famous)

A smile on my face once more Stephen. Thank you!