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“I just wanted to give you a hug, Ray.”

This line, one of the more heartbreaking in the film Rain Man, is said by Tom Cruise’s character, Charlie after he tries to share a moment with his autistic brother, Raymond. Charlie is so caught up in the joy of the moment, he forgets that giving Raymond, portrayed by Dustin Hoffman, a hug will cause him a lot of discomfort. The defeated way in which Charlie says the line is what makes it so compelling. These days, the one major obstacle left for me is my inability to find joy in many of my pursuits. I try to explain it to people, but I end up feeling like most of the time while they might understand, they don’t seem to confirm they comprehend how overwhelming it can be. Some days are easier than others, and I feel optimistic I’ll continue to adjust; other days, not so much.

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Well said Mr.Stephen! The brain is truly a wonderful baffling organ, in my opinion. I have a hypothesis, our brain will direct all its energy to the “old brain” the parts that direct us to breathe, eat, sleep, fight or flight. It then continues the healing from the brain stem up thinking our higher functioning doesn’t really need priority. Yet this is the part we wish to be healed first. The healing will come…

Your entry reminded me of the time I worked with a young boy who was diagnosed with a mild form of autism. He broke three toes on my left foot. I never wore a polyester blend or soft leather shoes while I worked after that experience. Apparently the boy didn’t like anything but natural cloth materials.


Thank you so much for writing. Your continued insight and support has truly helped me to weather some difficult times. Similarly, I always feel more optimistic after reading your responses. I hope you are doing well.

I am doing well, thank you for asking. Your entries always get my synapses firing and I regain another memory. I remain eternally grateful for your sharing.