No roller coasters for me. =(

No roller coasters for me. =(
I checked with my doc after my angiogram yesterday. I will be visiting Mickey Mouse next week. Experienced a ruptured aneurysm with subarachnoid hemorrhage in April of this year. The doc recommends: no roller coaster rides (I love roller coasters), but love being alive more. Guess I will have to stay “grounded.” =)

Hello Teresa, hope you're well.

Can you tell me why the Doc won't allow roller coaster rides.

What were his answers to that.

Have a great nite

Nikki xx

hi Teresa! sorry for your disappoitment-did he say why? i'm curious-i also had a sah. can you do the swing type rides in lieu of coaster? some of those are extreme tho--well have a great vaca, be careful!

Hi Teresa,

I’ve also been limited to the “kiddie” rides but all things considered, it’s a very small price to pay. :slight_smile:


My doc said that I could go anything that I wanted, sky diveing, bungee jumping. when the horse knox me up side of head and put a tuckey size egg on it and turned black, he said not to worry about it, I gusse he was right, it's been awhile and i'm still here. I had a angiogram done last week and he said the aneurysm looked good, but some of my vessels are getting narrow going in next Sat. for an MRA to check them.

Hi, No explanation was provided. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really in a position to get lots of info. I asked the doc during my angiogram. He said, “No” so quickly, I took his word for it. My sister also asked a different doc while she was waiting for me. Both said, “No.” Later, I regretted not inquiring further because I am curious.

Maybe the answer they gave to me was specific for me. Maybe, it is because I also experienced a SAH. I am uncertain.Even if they had said yes, I would have been hesitant. I am still experiencing significant headaches; rapid movement of my head hurts.

I’ll just take the safe approach. (: >