Roller Coasters?

Has anyone asked their doc if it is OK to ride a roller coaster? I am ~6 mons, post clip for ruptured aneurysm with SAH. Still have a small (2mm) unruptured. Plan to visit Mickey Mouse on vacation (actually in 9 days, but who is counting). =)

Ugh! I was afraid of that. Will follow your advise and check. Thanks, Sue! (:/

Personally...I would say it is a "no no"...but check with your Doctor...~ let us know what he/she says ~ Colleen

Ooooh no, Sue. Thanks for your response. It is interesting. Saying it is OK to do something is a lot different than saying it will be comfortable to do something. I understand this better, now. Again, very appreciative for the thought provoking response. (:>

Ok, will do. I am scheduled for a 5-6 month follow up angiogram on Wednesday. I am actually glad I will have it done before my trip to Disney next week. Thanks, Colleen!

No roller coasters for me. =(
I checked with my doc after my angiogram yesterday. I will be visiting Mickey Mouse next week. Experienced a ruptured aneurysm with subarachnoid hemorrhage in April of this year. The doc recommends: no roller coaster rides (I love roller coasters), but love being alive more. Guess I will have to stay “grounded.” =)