Next big hurdle

Its been 6 years since rupture ,my wife has been by my side, now after 20 years of marriage she wants to separate .dont know now what I’m going to do cant sleep and my stomach is shot and now all I have is a headace

Take one day at a time. You have survived and lived thru a lot already. We are much stronger than we think. Louise

HI Howard...I am so sorry Howard...Divorce is hard...I divorced along time ago...and I didn't know at the time...but after I healed...I found my husband...whom I am married to along time...he is my soulmate and best friend...sometimes when life closes one door ... life opens a brand new window...will keep you in my prayers...~ Colleen

Hi Howard,

Spending some time apart can help. You went through a trauma so did your wife with you. Sometimes we all need a break to find ourselves maybe this is what she is doing. Does not mean its the end of the marriage. I hope not.

Jennifer x

Howard I feel for you, separation/divorce is a big blow to deal with. Please don't bottle up your feelings, use this forum if needs be to vent. I hope you manage to get some insight on what might save your marriage

My thoughts are with you, stay strong


Hello Howard, hope you're well. Chin up, lots of us have been through divorce, it's painful and sometimes unbearable. My heart goes out to you pumpkin.

Take care

Nikki xx

I am so sorry Howard. Wishing you all the best during this difficult time in your life. Lots of great advice has been given. Stay strong and you will get thru thiis.