I am new here. I have chosen to deal with my unruptured brain aneurysm mostly on my own since found 5 years ago, but I am due to have surgery next week and i am finding I am extremely angry that I have to deal with this at all.

Hi Kelly,

Welcome to BAF. Your being angry about this is quite understandable. What changed to cause you to schedule surgery at this time?


Hi! Last year the pipeline stent was approved for certain large aneurysms, and my Doc said it is the only possible treatment for mine. It is 16mm in the cavernous sinus and has a very wide neck. I am young and have had to alter things because of this little bugger! I can't play sports, I have to take BP meds and after the surgery have to be on a blood thiner for 1 year.

Hi Kelly,

I understand. One of my aneurysms ruptured when I was 19. I was successfully clipped and have had a wonderful life since then. I will be 62 this year! I hope my story will provide a bit of encouragement to you.

While I certainly understand your not wanting to have surgery (thus far I've opted not to have surgery on my other 3 aneurysms), it is a blessing that technology has improved to the point that there is a feasible treatment for you.

May God bless you with successful treatment and a quick and complete recovery.


I am afraid if i don't have the treatment than it will always just be looming as to not if, but when it may rupture. I am the single mother of two daughters and a 6 month old granddaughter. I am afraid to have the surgery, but also afraid not too.

Hi Kelly, I ruptured and was coiled and also had a shunt put in five years ago. Good luck with your surgery. I know the anticipation is so difficult. It will soon be behind you and you will be able to heal and recover and move forward with your life. What city are you in? I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you…I am getting very nervous. I’ve never been put to sleep, let alone for brain surgery! I live in Rio Rancho.


Anger...Is so part of this journey...Your annie is is good you are taking care of before it ruptures...with time you will be glad...but this journey is an emotional roller coaster ~ Gotcha in my Thoughts ~

Ps you are blessed never to have had surgery...I have had too many in one lifetime to count ... and only 47 years old...~

This has helped me tremendously. My daughters are 15 and 18 and my granddaughter who also lives with us is 6 months old. I am all they have, and yes, I do draw strength from them. I will do what you suggested!! I will picture all if their faces before I go to sleep :slight_smile:


I get angry, scared and go back and forth constantly! I want this thing to be gone. I also know how lucky I am to know that it is there, so I can have treatment. As my surgery gets closer, i am going through all emotions everyday now. I just want the ride to be over, but i know there is still a long way to go.

This whole site has provided encouragement for me. I do know I am lucky to have some form of treatment available. I just can't shake the nerves :(

I know Kelly...infact, as it gets closer to your will be so ready to get this "show on the road" will be good for you to let your emotions out here at BAF ~ it will help you emotionally in the long run...~Cyber~hugs Colleen

I keep telling myself that…then I get scared about possibly not being around for my kids, and the emotions start up again!

Hi Kelly, I think that you might feel a bit better after the surgery, after all, it is your brain that is having an issue...

Keeping you in my prayers



Hi Carole:

You seem to know a lot about aneurysms. I've had my first ruptured aneurysm in January of this year. Thankfully, I survived. I was diagnosed with another 3.5mm aneurysm on left carotid artery. I was told the neck is too wide for coiling; so it was recommended that it be clipped. However, I was given the option to watch it or have it clipped. I don't want to have the surgery at this time if I don't have to do it. I'd rather wait and do it at a later date.

Since you've lived with 3 aneurysms, is it normal to have headaches if you're living with aneurysms? I've been told to watch out for a severe headache. So far my headaches are small ones that are controlled with Tylenol. But I'm still very scarred.

Please tell me how you can go live everyday with 3 aneurysms. What are the sizes of your aneurysms?



Hi Eula,

I can only speak from my experience. Thankfully, I seldom have headaches and when I do they are generally in the spring and sinus related.

The severe headache that I had when my annie ruptured is something that you would not mistake for a sinus headache nor a stress or hunger headache. I describe it as imagining an axe being thrust into the middle of your head. :-( However, as you read on this site, the symptoms are not exactly the same for everyone.

My annies are 5mm, 2mm and 2mm.

How do I go on?

I've lived with at least one unruptured aneurysm for almost 43 years! So, I've had a long time to work through the anxiety and develop "some" calm about it. If the angiogram that I had in January had been my first or some significant difference had been found my anxiety level would be much higher, I'm sure. I have my own fears but I do believe in miracles. My faith is strong and, most importantly, only God knows what tomorrow will bring.

Take care.


Hi Kelly I am Dee.....I had a (SAH) back in 2009....fancy words for a ruptured annie.....I saw where you are from and what you to know you have a neighbor who knows what your going threw! prayers are with you and your family >>>> ttfn dee =)

Hi Carole:

Thanks for your response. You are a source of inspiration for many on this website. I don't know what I'll do without the BAF website. I've had to look on the site for answers to many of my questions while healing from my brain surgery.

If you've lived with 3 aneurysms for 43 years, how old were you when you had your first ruptured aneurysm? I just turned 56 and was 55 when I had my first ruptured. When it was discovered that I had a 3.5 aneurysm, I wanted to have it coiled but was told it was not recommended for coiling.

You must be doing something good to keep your aneurysms from growing. I don't smoke, I never had high blood pressure, but due to the aneurysm, I was told to keep my pressure down, so I'm taking blood pressure medication. I haven't had a drink since my surgery (1/4/12). I'm only a social drinker, but if I have to stay away from alcohol because of my aneurysm, I most certainly will. I do love to workout and have been working out for years, but I'm not doing any strenuous exercises or heavy lifting. I try to avoid stressful situations. My job as an insurance agent is stressful, so I haven't been back since my surgery.

I'm praying every day that the Lord helps me through these trying times. As I mentioned before I don't feel comfortable about having surgery because my neurosurgeon didn't specifically tell me that I needed to do it. He only said that I could watch it, but it was up to me to do what I wanted to. I've seen videos where nerosurgeons recommended that aneurysms under 7mm be watched instead of treated.

If there's any information you think could be useful to me, I'd be glad to receive it.

Thanks again.


Don’t be Angry, things like this is absolutely No Ones Fault
and by all means Not Yours!!!. If you go in to Surgery
angry- it doesn’t help the situation.