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Another Annie

I had a ruptured aneurysm a few years ago. Well It has reared it’s ugly head yet again.
My Doctor who by the way is awesome.
Thinks I should get a Medtronic Pipeline flow Diverter.
Do I trust him YES he is the best. Am I still Kind of freaked out Yes I am.
I have talked to my husband and one of my sons and they think if this is going to keep me from having another Annie go for it. So has anyone in the Group had this one done and how did it go?
Thank you and Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year!


I had a rupture 15 years ago. Since then I have had 7 more annies repaired. 6 were clipped and the last one was coiled. I know it’s difficult to face another procedure, and frightening, and stressful. I trust my neuro and follow his advice, butnif you are not sure and comfortable, you could seek a second opinion before committing to a procedure. Best of luck to you!


I trust my Doctor …
I just wanted to take a couple of days to think about it. It is a New procedure. I have lots of test I have to have before and I have to go on plavix. I think I was hoping that my MRI would come back and he would say it’s all good…
I’m just nervous You would think that with shunts and brain bleeds and all the fun stuff we would just be Ok let’s do this. But nope nervous everytime…
Thanks for writing!
Merry Christmas!!

Hi Marjorie, Sorry to hear this has reared its ugly head again. I haven’t had my recheck and I’m scared to death. I have not had the pipeline but have done some reading up on it. In studies they feel it’s more effective than coiling. That makes sense as it’s bypassing the aneurysm, which should kill it off. I would ask how long do you need to be on blood thinners and what are the chances of the stent dislodging? If you like the answers, sounds like a good way to go.

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I’m glad you trust your neurosurgeon! One thing I’d suggest is look at all your meds, if any, that you take for other things. The neck of my ruptured aneurysm has never closed, eventually I had a rift with my cardio and stopped the heart meds without his consent (rough time, don’t recommend it). My neurosurgeon was upset when I told her I stopped it. She wasn’t upset I stopped it, she was upset that her NP never told her I went back on it after being released from ICU. I’m hoping the neck has closed now, but won’t know until Nov 2020. Was at the cardiorecently and his new NP wanted me back on it and I refused. She said “it keeps the veins of your heart open”, my reply was the brain trumps the heart, the heart trumps the abdominal issues apparently. She ordered a lexiscan and my heart is “unremarkable” so I didn’t need it after all

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He said Blood thinners for up to 3 yrs. I know you are scared about getting a Recheck But it is a good thing… But I know it sucks. I think we would all be nuts if we were’nt scared or Nervous.

Nps Really need to keep our Doctors in the loop. Why are they waiting till Nov 2020?

Hi Marjorie,

My partner is having a very similar experience as yours. One year ago, she had a subarachnoid aneurysm that was devastating. So, it was hard to hear when the doctor said there was another aneurysm that’s should be treated. He said she is high risk for the rupture due to the initial aneurysm being small and rupturing. Needless to say, she will be having the pipeline stent procedure on 1/22. She starts blood thinners on 12/31. We are hoping for this to be much less intense the first coiling and craniotomy.

How is your recovery from your rupture?

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Hi I am Sorry To hear your partner going through this.
My rupture was devastating also and all the stuff that happened after was no fun either.
where we are lucky with this one is getting it worked on before anything can happen is a Good thing!
Don’t get me wrong heck yeah i’m scared.
I’m glad you found this Group when I had my Aneurysm I joined the group But couldn’t say anything. I didn’t want to talk about it or think about it. I went through The i have a headache is it happening again or if I was sick to my stomach same thing. But it got better. My recovery from the rupture Is different from anything else things that I loved to eat gross me out some smells seem nasty to me. I have seizures But they are not really bad I just kinda zone out, My husband will say hello are you there and I always say to him are you there? lol … anyway I am trying to look at this like I’m lucky and We are gonna take care of this Now well not now you know what I mean.The waiting sucks I wish My Doctor woulda said well we need to do this and let’s do right now!
But ya’ll know that is not how it works. Oh and did I tell you my mind sometimes wanders… I wish Her Lots of luck and Tell her to give herself a break and You give yourself a Break to Cause as bad as it is on us we know it’s hard on the people who are going through it with us. And we are grateful to our caregivers and loved ones even if we don’t always say it. Let me know how she does I have to get a bunch of test done first. Cardio stress test and stuff like that. So i’m thinking mine will be end of jan But most likely feb. Oh and Tell her when she is tired rest. :heart:

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Because I made it to my two year check mark!