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this is far too much work. Too confusing
that’s why there’s no new posts.

Hi May

Thanks for the comments, and I’m wondering whether you could help us understand a bit more. You say this is “too much work”. We struggle constantly with helping people learn how to use our platform. What would be a better way of showing people how to do various things on our site?

There are no other replies here, because we don’t intend people to comment on this teaching thread. There is plenty of action in this community, I can assure you!

  • To see the home page, click on the BAF symbol, top left.

  • To see the main discussion page, click on General at the very top.

  • To find out anything you can’t figure out for yourself, click on “New User Help”.

Please let us know how to make this easier for you.

Thanks for your reply

Seenie from ModSupport

you can not be serious. that
you want people with medical conditions to do all this work???

on top it you get an attitude when I tell you.

who was paid to design this??? get on their case

Thanks for your reply. We don’t “want people with medical conditions to do all this work???” but that’s the way it is. On a positive note, it does give many of them the much-needed opportunity to give back and to feel useful in a world in which many of them feel sidelined.

I’m not sure what the attitude in that statement is, but if you could let me know, I’m hoping that we can help.

who was paid to design this??? get on their case

Nobody gets paid. But in order to get on the appropriate person’s case, I’d need to know whether you mean the person –

  • who did the written explanations and the layout on this user guide page, or the one who
  • answered your inquiry on Friday night , or the person who
  • is responding to your comment on Saturday morning.

We’d love to be able to employ a few full-timers who we could charge with web design, graphic art and customer service, but we exist solely on donations of time and money.

Again, thanks for your reply. I see you had surgery in June: are you feeling any better than you were in the days immediately after? There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, and I hope 2021 will be a good one for you.

@May2020, @ModSupport. Hey May2020! Moltroub here, sorry I was gone a couple days, had my 4th procedure. I’m wondering as well what it is exactly you’re having troubles with. I would like to share how I learn and sometimes relearn how to use the site.

Anytime, our wonderful folks put up directions, I take them one block at a time. If I try to take the whole thing in, I can get a bit example would be this post. You and I aren’t New Users, so I just skipped that part as we both have an account already. It’s here because everything posted is on the internet and this section will help folks who want to join our group and how to go about it.

Then I take each section in bold blue as its own post. This way my brain can better assimilate the information. So we know that to make a new post, we simply go to the home page by clicking on the butterfly avatar (on our site, it’s the orange aneurysm looking thing) and click on the positive sign…

I hope this helps to clarify, you may always PM me if you need more help!

All the best,