New to this site, and SO Thankful I found it. I'm interested in hearing about recovery

In early October, I found out I have a 3 mm aneurysm. I am having the clip surgery the day after Thanksgiving. I am nervous, but so thankful that it was found, and that it can be fixed. I am interested in hearing about others who have went through this surgery, and what your recovery was like. The Doc said I would be very tired, but it is comforting to hear from others who have been through the surgery. Thanks. :slight_smile:

hi becky and welcome to the website, this place was beneficial in my recovery…instead of feeling like i was the only one to of experienced having a ruptured anny and surviving i found so many others that could relate and help me thru the ruff parts(adjusting). im glad u found such a welcoming environment to get you thru your procedure and recovery…thats great they found that lil…before it ruptured and it also sounds like your in good hands…i will keep you in my prayers and wishing you a speedy recovery…God bless and remember to laugh…it keeps u strong

I am in the same boat… I have a 3mm one too… I don’t have an exact date but I am having it clipped within a couple weeks!! My docs said it is in a good location and I should bounce back quick… I am terrified!!! I have a four year old daughter and a wonderful husband that need me!! I am here for you if you need to talk!!

Thanks so much Jennifer! I understand how you feel. I feel like my emotions have been on a roller coster since finding out! One minute I feel really good about the surgery, and the next I am crying, or having anxiety. Thankfully, I have a great husband who is so strong and helping me keep things in perspective. It sounds like you do as well. This site has been helpful for me to keep positive, and all those praying for me. The risks of surgery are so small compared to if it ruptured. I try to focus on those positives. I am a mother, wife, and grandma too. It makes me too sad to think of not being here for them. I plan to get through this, and I would love to keep in touch with you and your journey. I am hear to talk as well. Take care, and you will be in my prayers. I hope you get a date soon. I hated waiting for mine.

Thanks so much Michelle. I apprieciate the prayers!!! I can’t wait to be on the recovery side to this. :slight_smile:

Hi Becky,
First, relax! They found yours before it ruptures which is the best news in the world right now! I was clipped 12.5 years ago and the surgery was done in a difficult spot about 7–8 weeks after finding it. I was out of the hospital in 4 days. I took about 6 weeks off of work but should have taken more time. Each surgery & recovery is different. Right now, trust your doctor!

Hello I am Allen , and i will be haveing the surgey on Nov. 23 just like you , i am a bit scared , but will have to put it in Gods hands and prey…

Thanks for your encouragement Linda! I am very thankful it has not ruptured. I pray each day that it behaves until surgery. I understand that each surgery & recovery is different, I guess I just want to hear I’m going to get through this and be ok. The more I know about possible side effects, the less anxious I will feel if they happen to me. You are an inspiration, and thanks for commenting!

Hello Allen, thanks for posting! It feels good to know I am not alone, and to hear from others in the same situation. You are so right, this is completely out of our hands, and in God’s! Prayers, prayers, prayers are comforting. My surgery is on Friday, Nov 26. I would love to hear how everything went for you, since we will be going through this at the same time. Take care, and you will be in my prayers. :slight_smile:

O.K. everyone is having surgery but me! Makes me feel left out!–NOT! I did mine! (Just kidding! We’ve got to have some humor in this!) I don’t know much of your personal situations so I can only speak of mine, and every recovery is different. At age 40 I sailed through the surgery located in the Circle of Willis at the base of the brain and was out of the hospital in 4 days. I am single & had to work to pay bills so I went back to work at 6 weeks, I should have taken longer. When I went to work, I would come home and take a nap even though I didn’t nap much post-op. Using your brain at work (after it has been exposed to the air–a totally unnatural thing!) is different than sleeping in, sitting when you want to, basically allowing healing time) will probably be different than it is now. It will be more tiring. You will want to nap when you get home. Rest your brain. Look up the Letter From Your Brain on this website. It is soo true!! For me, it was probably a full year before I was back to full speed. But I don’t regret it one bit! It is an unnatural thing to open up a brain but I found a new set of priorities in my life. The hair will grow back and the scar will heal long before your brain is really recovered. One of the hardest part is that once those are gone, people around you, and those you run into, will think you are 100%. You won’t be and don’t try to fool yourself that you are. Your body will find a way to remind you that you are still healing. Heal your brain!!
So, I don’t know if you have other questions but let me know if you do. And keep me posted on how you are all doing! When I was a few months post-op & volunteering (before the age of the internet) I had 1 lady I had been speaking with call me on the way to her surgery! I still re-read the “Letter” to this day and have told many people about it. Sometimes I still get tired/overloaded and I attribute it to the aneurysm. Then I just relax and rest! I still smoke & drink but those are my bads. You will all do fine! Trust your doctors and believe that all will be fine! I believe alot of it is your mental attitude going into it. And I believe in each of you!
Linda :smiley:

Oh, I forgot to tell all of you something. My only lasting noticable effect of the surgery was that now I can’t smell. That part of the senses sort of got smashed. I do miss the smell of flowers but I can still see them! A year later when I met with others at a dinner for the BAF, many other survivors of the same place of surgery had the same issue. But I have all my other senses! And as I am now trying to quit smoking, some is coming back! But I keep my smoke alarms well charged!
(Did you read the “Letter” yet? If you can’t find it, let me know & I will post if for you.)