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I just joined this site thought I would share my husbands story and see if anyone had similar expierences and could offer any advice.

Sept of 2009 my husband suffered from a small anyuerim rupture. He went to the ER unaware what was happening and it took them some time to define the problem. After almost 24 hrs he was diagnosed with the anyuerism rupture and a stroke resulting. He was taken careflight to Ohio State Hospital where they performed a coiling, which the dr believed to be his best option at that time due to his current state of health. After a long road of recovery and 28 days inpatient hospital and rehab he returned home with just a few small effects. He has come so far in his recovery. We have a son who is 2 and just had a daughter who is 7 months and i thank god everyday that he is around to see them grow up. After his intial angiogram where they believed that the coil was doing fine they have realized that it is now leaking a small amount and with him being young for having this condition (just 35 when he had the rupture) they now have decided that it is in his best interest to have it clipped which they feel will be a more permenant solution. So his surgery is scheduled for the end of next week March 2.I know he is going to have a hard road ahead of him but would love hear from anyone that has had a similar expierence as to what we can expect after this surgery as compared to the last one. obviously we know that this surgery is much more invasive than the coiling but the drs all seem very optimistic after the ordeal he has already been thru.

Anyways thanks so much for having us I am hoping that this site may help him when he gets home after surgery to be able to share with people with similar conditions. and please pray for him in his upcoming surgery.


Megan. welcome; you ae blessed that your hubby is there with you and your two children.

Elke had a similar; i.e. the coiling and then the follow-up surgery; she will be great connecting with you.

Carole G is another; who had excellent results of surgery/clips.

There are so many others who will provide so much to you. I was coiled and am not a believer in it as a minimally invasive treatment.

Prayers for you all.


Hi Megan,

Welcome to the BAF, the both of you!

Your husband is in my prayers as well as you and your children.

My experience is with clipping without, a rupture. I have no experience with coiling.

My aneurysm was clipped Nov. 2010. You will find on this site that recovery can be different for everyone. Support, faith, strength, rest, time. The five main ingredients I believe that you need for a good recovery.

During this time in your lives there is a massive amount of extra support here for you both, take advantage of it!

Keeping you both and those little ones in my prayers!!!


Again Megan ... Welcome to BAF...! Your husband and you have my prayers for his upcoming surgery...

I am curious (because I was coiled) ... did your husband have signs that his coils weren't working ?

cyber~prayers your way... ~ Colleen

As far as outward signs he has not had many since we found that the coil was leaking. He does seem to become frustrated much easier than in the past but I have always just assumed that was normal after all he has been thru and had to learn to deal with. The drs originally said the coiling had worked great we never knew anything was wrong until his 1 yr post op angiogram, at that point they said he had a small leak but decided that it may not cause him any problems they would just observe it but at his 2 yr post op they discovered the bleed was growing a very small amount therefore surgery then scheduled. thanks to everyonoe for the welcome and the prayers. We will hope for the best and try to keep everyone updated on his progress

Thanks so much for the information ... I go for my 18 months angio check up in June...!

Your husband will remain in my prayers....! Colleen

My husband has two clippings. He did great with both.

Hello, Megan,

Providing there are no complications from the surgery itself, your husband's hospitalization and recovery from clipping could actually be easier than his first hospitalization. That is because it sounds like he was quite sick during the first hospitalization - primarily due to the hemorrhage. This time there is not the effect of the hemorrhage. Grab on to the doctors' optimism...they are pretty good about determining how things will go.

thanks everyone for the prayers and good thoughts. I am trying to be as optimistic as possible even though obviously scared about the procedure. I need to be as strong as possible for him right now he is very scared espically since he does not remember anything about his previous surgery or most of his time in the hospital, i really think that this site is going to be a great resource for him everybody seems very welcoming and understanding of what we are both been thru

Hi Megan and welcome to BAF!

You have found the best online support group you and your family could have ever asked for! Although I have not had a clipping (I had the PED done in June, 2011) I have an older sister who had a clipping two years ago. Luckily, both of us had our annies discovered prior to rupture.

Read A Letter From your Brain It has helped many put into perspective the journey that they are already on or ready to embark on. I have it printed and placed at multiple locations and it has helped me tremendously when I am feeling down and lost. Share it with your family because they also need to understand what your husband, and you as his caretaker, are going through.

Please know that I will keep you and your husband and family in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated on his surgery.


Hi Megan,

I will be praying for your husband's successful surgery and for you and your children.

Please remember to care of yourself during this period. You didn't mention what support you have - family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc. I will assume that you have folks nearby who can provide support to you during this period. I want to encourage you to accept offers of help or to seek them out if needed. You won't be able, nor should you try, to manage through this alone, especially not with two small children.

May God's healing blessings be on your husband and his comfort be given to you and your family.

Take care.