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Hi community,

new one here. A couple of months ago i started to experience frequent ocular migranes, stange headaches and and tingeling behind my left eye. At first i thought it must have to do with a coiled fistula i got from an accident 20 years ago that might have reappereared while the doctors had the same thought. To my surprise a widenecked aneurysm (7x6mm) had grown next to the treated fistula in der cavernous segment of the ICA and the doctors recommended urgent treatment because of a rupture chance iof 10% / year since it would be most certainly of posttraumatic origin. So they opted for a flow diverter and i went on with it, what choice did i have.

I am currently the first night out of icu and except the nights before the stenting have been the scariest in my life and don’t feel that bad. I have some minor visual disturbances in my left eye and moderate headaches (except after waking up from surgery…oh boy, they were bad) that are controlled with painkillers. Of course after reading so many stories i wonder what is yet to come but i am glad and thankful that i did it and for the rest of my life i hope i will be spared from any more metal in my brain.

The doctors even said that it might be possible to skip the aspirin in a year or two if everything goes well with oclusion, since new studies seem to suggest that it might be a sufficient time. But who cares if these meds save your life i’ll take them forever^^.

I wish you all in this group a nice weekend!

BR from Austria



Hi , Stefan ! I wish you quick and successfull recovery ! It’s good they found an aneurysm and took care of it!



Hey Stefan! That’s the southern States way of saying Hi. I’m so glad you posted. As for reading our stories, keep in mind we and our brains our all different. One of the happiest days of my life was when my Neurosurgeon said I could do whatever I wanted. Keep positive is the best advice I can give anyone and do some walkabouts when you’re able.

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Hey there,

thanks a lot for your replies! I am now at three weeks post surgery and have to say that i don’t have any issues at all besides vision problems on my left eye that are probably caused by retinal bleeding and thrombosis (TIAs) during surgery but they are getting better and by now i hardly recognize any difference from before.
Hopefully recovery stays that way and the stent does what it is supposed to do. I am gonna have my first follow up appointment in ten days and a MRI some months after that. I was quite happy when the surgeon told me that an angiogram won’t be necessary if anything will look fine. I will also continue my Plavix until September and i hope i won’t have any problems after skipping it. :slight_smile:

I wish all of you who went through treatment recently a swift recovery!



Good News! So happy you’re doing a swift recovery. Remember to stay hydrated, brains and bodies really need water