New members week of 13 Feb 2022

Good Morning y’all! I guess I could say you’ uns, youse, you lot, yinz, ye, everyone, etc, but I’ll stick with my Southern, y’all, it puts a smile on my face and I love to smile. Don’t you?

This week we are happy to welcome to the group:

@caleb who probably also says y’all coming from NC. Caleb is a young man and is trying to take care of his father who had a brain aneurysm. It can be a difficult, long road for him if his father ruptured. But we know that here. Caleb, read away, and ask questions. Everyone one is on a different road to recovery. Be patient it takes time, some members can recover rather quickly, others not so fast. You’re dad may look the same, but he may not be able to process information as quickly. We are here to help you understand.

@Nish201883 is a survivor of a rupture just last May out west in CA. Tanisha is also young and is a mom of four children. (I think anyone younger than me is young) Can you imagine how busy her home must be? She feels alone and needs our support. We do know that feeling and this is a wonderful group where she can find that she isn’t alone on the journey. Give yourself time, rest when needed, ask questions.

@Djs up in WI had a stroke back in 2014 caused by a leaking cerebral aneurysm. During the coiling repair, the aneurysm ruptured and she’s now partially paralyzed. Doreen is in my age group, so maybe not a spring chicken in body, but our hearts and minds stay young as long as we can see positives. She is looking to connect with others who are on the same healing journey and we are here.

Again welcome and we look forward to your new topics and posts. If you have any problems, please reach out to me @Moltroub, @DickD who is helping out or the wonderful folks at @ModSupport by sending us a PM.

Thank you for the welcome :grin: