6 March 2022 new members

A great big welcome to the new members:

@RRoanhorse99 is from the beautiful State of NM. I loved the Puye Cliff Dwellings when we took our last big vacation prior to my rupture. There’s many, many activities to do there. I wonder by her user name if she has a roan horse! Rene has had a time of it and really needs her help. Like some of us, she’s been on her own seeking out different therapies. She’s reaching out for our help, which I’m sure we can share some ideas that have helped us. Looking forward to your first post.

Next up is @AnthonyThaBruce who is in construction. His wife has experienced a ruptured aneurysm back in September 2021. They have three children, so a lot on his plate as we know. Dealing with children and a spouse in recovery can be tremendously taxing, on top of that he is in a trade that seems to be slammed. Not sure how he is managing his life right now. You all know caregivers hold a special place in my heart. Let’s give him all the support we can!

@Mommywence from NY, had her aneurysm clipped, just last August. Danielle also has three children and wants to be a good mom. However she’s having side effects that won’t go away and needs some support. I know we can do it!

A whole hearted welcome for all of us here at the Brain Aneurysm Support group! We share our experiences and offer a lot of emotional support. The best way to receive it, is to start a new topic with whatever you’re experiencing. If you have difficulties figuring how to do it, please reach out to myself by sending a PM through my avatar and clicking on “message”. You can also add @ModSupport and one of those fine people can help as well.

Looking forward to reading more about you!