New member looking for advice and experiences

My mother has just been diagnosed with her 2nd cerebral aneurysm. The first was corrected 5 1/2 years ago by craniotomy/clipping. She has been advised by her neurosurgeon that a PED (no coiling due to location) would be a better option this time around. We are having a hard time finding information about patients that have used this fairly new procedure. I will try to get her to join this group but in the meantime, I'd love to hear your experiences. She is particulary concerned about the recovery process and the related headaches. She experienced some pretty severe headaches after the clipping. Also, does anyone have experience with new annies developing, as she did? Any information or resources you can provide would be appreciated.

HI Jennifer and welcome to the PED Group! As you can see, we have many members here who have received the PED over the last year here in the US. We also have some members who are outside the US who have received the PED, in particular Giovanni, who received his PED a couple of years ago, and some from the UK, etc. Please look around our Group and read the experiences of others and then post any questions you may have. Some of us have our PEDs (mine is almost a year old!!) for sometime, while others are brand new. We each have unique experiences, some have experienced headaches,some problems with the Plavix, etc. We have found that although we all heal differently, we all are survivors who share the same journey and we share our thoughts, fears and triumphant successes after surgery. I encourage you to have your mom join the Group also, she will learn a lot from those of us who have "been there done that".

In the meantime, please look around and post any questins you have. We are here to help you and your mother through this journey.

Best wishes for a successful PED insert to your mom!


Hi Jennifer,
I just had a PED surgery yesterday. The surgery went very well. I am home today. Still a little fuzzy from all the anesthesia. They say that’s normal. First time ever being put to sleep. Leg is sore from cutting into it, but overall not too bad. I’m glad I did it. Had a slight headache yesterday and today, but nothing unbearable. If you have any other questions…just ask!

Kelly B