New Here!

Thanks for the warm welcomes! I am a 45 yr old mom of two, having surgery tomorrow to clip two aneurysms (one 6 mm, one that's very small, 1.5 mm I think) that were discovered by chance this spring when I had an MRI to rule out something else entirely. Luckily, I have had no symptoms, but it's still a surreal and kind of scary thing to be going through, not to mention expensive!

I logged on here looking for your stories, and especially for tips on managing the hospital and then recovery at home. My doctor, who is very low key, says it'll be 2-3 days in the hospital and then a couple of weeks of taking it easy at home. I normally read and knit a lot, but I understand I may not feel like it? And I am concerned about getting back to being able to drive my kids to their activities as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the great info I've gleaned so far.

Yes, I agree with Jim. There are a lot of different things that play into our recovery. ie rather or not you have any other health issues. My recovery was much longer because I have some heart issues. I was on pain killers for 10 weeks afterwards. I was told that I could drive after my 3 week follow up appt, but would have to be sure to not take any pain medication within 6 hours of when I needed to drive

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

God Bless,

~ Carol

Hi. go to the forum section. about three pages back is one called "RECOVERY..WHAT TO EXPECT". there are some very good suggestions on that forum. everyone is different. Get help with the kids, take lots of naps. and dont over do it. Will be praying for you

Again is important to rest and heal ... and take things "one day at a time"...this can be a bit of long journey and takes some patience...good time to maybe watch some good "girls movies"...

I will say a prayer and send positive thoughts your way for your surgery tomorrow...~ gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi Akhol,

Everyone heals differently. I had a 5mm clipped 1-1/2 years ago and I healed pretty quickly, was lucky enough not to have any major deficits. I did feel by 5:00 p.m. after I was home from the hospital that I had had it for the day. Don't overdo anything, when you are tired, rest. I had not interest in reading for a couple of months, I felt my mind wandering a lot. I was able to drive after two weeks but just went locally for a while. Listen to you body and you'll know what you are capable of and get help at least for the first week you are home. You'll be fine. Good luck to you and I wish you a very speedy recovery!


Thank you, everyone! I am home last night from 5 days/4 nights in the hospital. One aneurysm had three heads to clip off, and there was a separate one as well. My incision is bigger than I anticipated, but it's all under my hairline! The first two or three days after surgery were a little rough in terms of pain and disturbed sleep, but I have been pleasantly surprised how "normal" life feels now that I'm home. A good friend has set up a few people to bring dinner in the next few weeks, and I am resisting the urge to get moving. I have a check up in a couple of weeks and then I move to the "every five years" schedule.

The nurse on my hospital ward was so excited to have an anuerysm patient without a rupture she was practically dancing; made me feel rather ashamed for not fully acknowledging the stroke of luck that saved me, especially when she knew the alternative.

I really appreciate all the advice and information I've found here. Thank you all so much!

Akhol...forgive my delayed is grand to read your results and recovery...sounds like you are doing are blessed...

Prayers for your continued recovery...


Welcome home, Akhol !

So glad to hear that all went well with your surgery ! wow, your incision is under your hairline?? awesome ! I'm sure you'll be driving in no time, (be kind to yourself and don't over-do things , resist that urge for a little while !)

Peace, Janet

I just found your post, so welcome home. I am very glad to hear the surgery went well. One big piece of advice I received on here before my surgery last year, was to take it easy, and not rush my recovery. As a mom of 3 young children, I wanted to do, do, do. However, I listened to my body. I rested as much as possible. Even though it was difficult, I let others do as much as possible. I think by allowing myself the time to heal, I "recovered with flying colors", as my doctor said.

Do not try to speed up your recovery. Take it easy and rest as much as possible.


hi!! joining belated welcome wagon!!-lol, thank you for the updates-it was a pleasure to read, so sorry im late to the party! remember you may not feel like reading or watching tv but things will improve-it takes time, brains heal slow!

I spoke too soon! The day after I wrote my post-surgery note above, I had an episode of seizures that sent me by ambulance to a different hospital, where I spent three days, and now I feel pretty funky: I forget things, I get confused, my hearing and vision are just slightly off somehow, I'm a little off balance, and more.

I had yet another CT, another angiogram, an EEG and probably an EKG, and they all came back basically normal, so the theory is that the seizures were triggered by post-op swelling and may never happen again. Or they might, no one seems to be able to say for sure. I am on 2000 mg of Keppra per day for now, and see the doctor later this week.

I'm thrilled to be back home and alive, but this has all been very humbling. I hope my brain gets back to regular functioning, even if it takes a while. I am definitely having to accept more help and take things slower than I might like to, but that emergency run to the hospital frightened me on a very deep level.

wow!!! yes do take care and learn to accept help,sorry you had to endure all that, hang in there better days are ahead!

Hi...I too am a 45 year old mom (of 3). My aneurysm ruptured (january 2014) so it's somewhat difficult to attribute the long recovery to treatment intervention. I had a second annie treated with the pipeline stent as well (not the same as cooling but done intravascularly as well) and went home the next day with no problem so I tend to think it was the rupture/subarachnoid hemorrhage is what caused the length of my recovery....mainly from fatigue/headaches.