Hi all,

I recently posted about my sister, who was found to have 2 annies and had them both coiled with much success!! Thankfully, she is doing wonderful and is currently in LA having her nose fixed (from an accident) for the TV show Botched!!

They found her Annie's from tests required before her nose surgery - how lucky.

Now my story!! I have had on & off headaches for a while, last September I went to the ER, since I had a headache for about 3 weeks straight! Of course, they made me feel bad about going to the ER for a headache and basically gave me aspirin and sent me on my way. Headaches come and go, but seems like when they come they stay with me for days on end....very frustrating and hard to function. My PCP gave me an RX for ibupropen years ago.

About 3 weeks ago, I called my PCP and asked to be seen, again for headache and some lightheadness, I went in and seen another Dr, who gave me Supitripan (sp) for migraine, although he thinks I am experiencing tension headaches (I told him about my sister).

I never took the RX, as my headaches disappeared.

I went in again for a follow-up with a Nurse Prac this past Friday. I had been headache free for 2 weeks!! I felt pretty good. We set up appointment for physical, etc and I again mentioned my sister - I think she was more dismissive, since I had been feeling better. I told her I would like to have a CT/MRI to check for Annie's since my sister had 2 and I get headaches. She said she would check with my PCP and she could decide which test they would decide on. The NP said my PCP should be ok with me being tested. NP said they would call, nothing yet.

I got a headache on Saturday and have had since then :(

I'm getting a little anxious!! These headaches are really impacting my life and then the thoughts of an annie, push me over the edge!!!

So which test is the preferred to detect annie? CT or MRI?? contract/dye or no??

Thanks for any feedback

Lisa - we cannot practice medicine here on BA Support Group. Both tests have their merits. Please discuss with your physician, maybe do some research on the different types so your are more readily informed. Write down a list of questions and discuss them with your doctor. Take a look at the many articles, videos and webinars that the BAF has put out. I think it’s one of the best places to start. Remember there can be thousands of reasons for headaches. Aneurysms are rare. Oh and don’t forget to breathe, keep hydrated and take care of yourself.

Thanks! Good advice!