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Hi…My brother had a ruptured aneurysm back in Feb., almost died and is still at an acute rehab facility. The insurance co. says he needs to leave and has stopped paying. He has just been approved for PA Medical Assistance but the rehab facility says he still needs to leave. They want me to place him in a nursing home. I want to find a level of care facility more appropriate for my brother’s type of needs. He’s only 46, but can’t care for himself and still needs a wheelchair since he has a weak right leg, still needing cognitive therapy, OT and PT…etc.,. I tried to get him into a brain injury residential facility, but they say because he is incontinent still, they won’t accept him. Isn’t that part of the brain injury? He is not ready to come home and I am not able to give him the 24hr. care he needs at this time. Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated. I’m in need of help big time here for my brother.

Thanks so much for your time!

Peace & Love…



Unfortunatley I don’t have any answers right not, but I am going to do my part of research for you. What city is your brother in? How often is the PA going to be with your brother? Have you spoken with social services? What about the social worker at the hospital…any ideas on their part?? Please keep us posted.

My prayers are with you and your brother!!


nicki i too would love to help where i can ,what city and state are you in and maybe with us all working together we can find a place that you are comfortable placing your brother in and also allowing him to get the care hes in need of to keep recovery in his grasp…good luck sweety…

Thanks Mayra and Michelle…
We live in Chester County, PA… I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure my brother is in the right place for his needs. The rehab hospital he’s in now say’s I need to place him in just any nursing home, but I want a facility that is appropriate for his needs so he continues to get better if he can. I don’t want to have him regress or just sit there doing nothing all day…he’s too young for that. I’m looking into the County Facility in Chester County and Delaware County touring there today and tomorrow, so I’m hoping they are better than the nursing homes the rehab sent me to on Friday! Since he is on Medical Assistance my choices are limited. I appreciate any of your suggestions or info! Thanks so much!

Peace & Love…

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