Need a change and some happinest

we should all go on a cruise instead of the love boat we should call it the Annie cruise, that would be great , hope all are doing well, me I’m standing so that’s half the battle, One day I’ll write my story about my life, having th surgery for the Annie and considering what I had to endure a life with a drug addict after 25 years of being married , abused, 2 weeks after my surgery, 07 spent Xmas by my self , this all has been going on since 2004’ Plus now I’m lucky to have osterarthris an d have 8 surgeries on my fingers plastic joints , not one place doesn’t have osterarthris
the sadness part I gave up my dream to become a treasure hunter sold my metal dectector tried so hard to make my dream come true , I wanted that so bad for me just this one time and I still cry over it,I realized that I have no life and a doctor told me even drugs wouldn’t make a difference, my life has been really that bad I would trade it in a minute for any one else to live, I have nothing except I’m a bass BRAIN ANERSYUM SURGERY SURVIVOR

Hi Susan,

I am so sorry to hear about your other issues but one BRIGHT spot is that you are a SURVIVOR not just with aneurysm but in all aspects..Look at what you have written here then look at the fact that you were able to voice this..That alone makes you more of a SURVIVOR then you know!!!

Dreams are changed all the time, just because you didn't get to make that one a reality does not mean you have to give up the dream..Search for another one!

My dream was to have my own dog boarding and daycare! I opened my business in Dec. 2009 and was forced to shut it down only 10 months later when the doctor put me on sick leave for my annie. My business was supposed to be shut down for tops 3 months, I am now into my 16th month of being shut down. Had to sell everything so I could pay on my loan. Once all these complications are fixed (they will be!!) then I need to find another dream...Dreams change, never give up in finding a dream! That's something that no one can take from us...

I hope that your days are better very soon! Your in my thoughts and prayers!!


Hi Susan...Dreams change all the time...and maybe you can tweak them a bit...

I am so sorry you are going through all of this...God Bless...!

You are in my Thoughts...~ Colleen

Hi Susan,

I give thanks that you are a survivor. I will pray that your arthritis pain will be manageable and that you are able to overcome the other challenges that you face.

May God bless you.


Susan, I would love to be on that cruise... I have only cruised my tiny home for many years!

If we find a cruise ship, we need to remember to get the resume of the captain and also interview him/her...

Susan, you are blessed with your remarkable strength in your survival(s) and recovery(ies). Do you have children, other family?

Before you get too generous offering a trade, please remember, there are those who did not make it home; from rehab and still in nursing homes or assisted living. And, you have a beautiful smile, out in the greens.

Hugs and prayers surround you,


Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to write back, well I’m almost 60 so the body will give out first or the mind, I have children and grandchildren , But what I realized I gave my all to my raising a family and never took care of me, Still wouldn’t do it any different, My dreams or passion was the only time I have ever felt so alive trying to get there, I am completely understanding how I feel , no one needs me I just wish I could trade for someone who has a family and they need there love one back, Maybe some day my wish will come true, I’m not afraid of death any more we learn that when we were wheeled into the or room,

Have a nice day
Thanks for being kind


I wish I could at 60 I finally think of something for me that I really have a passion for , I need a 4 wheeler to get into a swamp and alot of pain mess,
Thanks for being nice to me

I want everyone to be a Suvivior I hate that sweet name Annie it destroys people and lives, I have gone through hell and back , I would love to life to a family , mine is grown up with their own, and because of what happend in my marriage just one question to to my daughters why didnt you protect me from being abused cause an explosion , Well the sun is going to out and hopefully be able to feel it

Thanks for being so kind

Thanks for being so kind yes I have been strong mostly through my life, but now I feel that it would be nice to give a famiy who really needs there love one, My family stopped after 36 years first time no mothers day, birthday or Christmas because I asked my daughters one question why didn’t you protect me from getting abused from 2 weeks after my surgery 2007 , That cause a tear in my close family still no answer, I’m shocked things will never be the same, So why not trade at least I could see a happy family again,



Many families are warm and happy; many are aloof, and others are difficult. We all have some variations. I so regret for you, that you have been estranged from your children and pray that you will reconnect. Please attempt to visit with a counselor to help you through some of this, including how to initiate reconnection with your family. Attempt some volunteer activities including hospitals and whatever else is available in your area. Learn what is the most rewarding to you; even down to taking a class of interest. I have become quite reclusive cleaning my years of accumulated squalor; I declined offers of help from friends as their speed would blank out my own attempts adding to confusion for me.

Hugs and prayers,