Hello, happy to be here

Hi, really quite lucky in a way. Found my annie in 2007 after 4 years of symptoms - headaches, left-sided numbness of face and arm. Doc had done MRI's but not until MRA did she find my little carotid opthalmic 7mm wide necked aneurysm. Doc's said it was inoperable. It was pressing into my optic nerve and my eyesight started to go very strange. So years of living with palinopsia. My life was very colorful! July 2012 they operated with a pipeline stent successfully and just found out last week (feb 2014) annie is now gone. 11 years of my life and I have come out of it quite well :o) still some visual problems, still numbness and headaches but consider myself lucky.

Back in 2003 I sadly suffered an assault. This gave me a minor stroke at the time and the aneurysm - or I had an existing annie and it riled it up some. Took me awhile to put two and two together as the stroke didn’t show on scans (have since found out that can happen) and doc’s at that time were reticent. Once I had supportive doctors it all went well and in the right direction.

Have been taking topiramate for many years now up to 400mg at one point. Back down to 200mg now to try and keep my memory in tact. I am happy with it as the migraines I get without it are fierce. Have to watch that I eat properly - my G.P even sent me to a dietitian for six weeks. That was fun :o( “eat more! I’m trying but I take these tablets that take away my appetite. Sure but eat more. But not hungry.” etc. :o)

Thank-you for welcoming me to your community. I look forward to settling in. Vee

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Welcome Vee,

And thanks for the education and photo's. I also believe that some annies can develop from head injuries. Hope all stays well.


Again Welcome ...and Thank you for sharing your inspiring story on the Main Forum...wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

Hi Vee!! so glad the ped has been a Godsend for you, keeping you in thoughts and prayers for continued success~~

Hi Ed, thank-you. I photoshoped up the images to explain the symptoms to the neurosurgeons and neuro-ophthalmic specialists. Think they went some way in convincing them to operate.It is very difficult to explain visual symptoms when you are seeing things that are not there. My neurologist says some patients won't even report symptoms as they are to afraid of not being believed. V

Happy day to you to Colleen, V

Hi Ron, the pipeline is amazing. So happy and grateful, my life changed. Thank-you for your kindness,V