Naproxen 500 HBP meds

My 70 year old mother was recently diagnosed with a 4 mm aneurysm left frontal lobe and was told to wait and watch. She was then prescribed naproxen 500 for her continuing head aches instead of her imitrex. She also takes atenonel and lisinopril for bp. Is this a safe rx combination?

Hi Shenjum,

I think only a Dr or Pharmacists can safely say if those are ok meds to mix. As I use to be a caregiver for my mom and she has many meds I always made sure the Dr knew all of the meds she was taking even over the counter meds and vitamins. If she was given something new I would ask the Dr if they are an ok mix and when I dropped off at pharmacy I would ask the pharmacist too.


I did call my pharmacist and he said that since an aneurysm was involved that he couldn't give a concrete answer. Had there not been said condition, it was ok to take them and there shouldn't be any side effects. But the funny thing is is that my mom has a prescription -imitrex-and that he ignored that and prescribed the naproxen 500-which she said made her feel dizzy and and nauseated. Now, mind you, I'm getting all my aneurysm info from the Mayo clinic website so I was concerned. It also mentioned that she shouldn't take alka-seltzer or pepto bismol because it could cause the blood to thin and a rupture cold happen so I'm very confused. I myself had a terrible experience with both ibuprofen and naproxen-so much so that I had 4 blood transfusions 3 years apart so I'm leery about all otc pain meds.

Pain prescription and OTC have been under a lot of questions...they were a big promotion a few years back...may want to search for pain med research/reports...on-line..

Hi Shenjum.

I'd take the Naproxen and toss it -- its a very bad idea to mix it with either of the two other drugs you mentioned and what can easily happen is damage to the kidneys...You might want to check out the Drugs.Com website where they have an easy to use 'drug interaction checker'~its handy and can be life saver~ Peace, Janet

Again, Welcome...Ask the Doctor who prescribed? Also, you can go to this discussion and ask your question... Go to last page and write your question, the PA volunteers here, so it may take a few days for an answer...wishing your mom well ~ Colleen