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My super mother laying in the hospital bed

Hello Everybody,

My mother Nora Panuncio is a 54 years old with 6 amazing kids. We have a simple life in a small nipa hut here in the Phillipines. She taught us that life is easy and simple with smiling everyday. Every problem we had we always pray and god always help us on our daily needs. My mother raise us by working home services such as cleaning cuticles and hair re bonding. My mother is still fighting.The CT-Scan’ impression she have a hemorrhage in the frontal lobe region, consider ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and mild hydrocephalus.

She said that everything will be okay with smiling each time you have a problem but this time,it’s really hard to do it.

We are transferring to a government hospital because we cannot afford the private hospital. My mother needs to undergo surgical procedure-clipping. We need to pay the whole bill first before we could transfer and that prolong the surgery of my mother.

This whole situation leads me to research about aneurysm and I found this site. Thank you I saw a lot supports from this group when I read all of the stories. More Power!

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I know it’s been 1 year since this happened to your Mom.But wanted you to know how much your story touched my heart.You have such loving Family.Its Faith in that all things work together .But having each other to support is such a big blessing.I will pray for your family.
God Bless!