Mom brain aneurysm recovery

My mom had 2 brain aneurysms in november of 2012. I was in Vegas celebrating my birthday with my brother and I called my mom who lives in Mexico and I was just calling her to say hi. As soon as she was on the phone I hear her talking slowly and out of breath and that was a huge sign that she was having some type of pain or illness but the good thing is that one of her friends was there and she took her to the hospital right away and the hospital diagnosed her with 2 brain aneurysms. I flew to Mexico the next day and the whole experience was just so so so so so rough that I don’t want to talk about it again. Right now mom is in rehab and she has been there since January of 2013 till now. The doctors are saying that she will be walking again in May but my dad can’t take it anymore. He is so frustrated with the whole situation because he has to work and just remember to pay bills, and that gets him really bad. I am really feeling the same thing because there is nothing I can do about anything but just wait. I think I have depression because I think about it everyday and I also think about what happened from november to January. I cry most of the time but I try to avoid the subject by working more and more and just by doing more things in my every day life.

Right now you have to be supportive to your Mom. She has been thru a lot and is still early in her recovery process. Being the caretaker ( caretakers) can be very taxing on you and your dad. Please believe your Mom will be better. It will just take some time. This is a great site for information & support. Wishing you Mom a speedy recovery & peace to you & your family.


Do you live by / near your parents to help your dad?

Have you all sat down to list all the questions for the neuro-specialist (surgeon or interventionalist?)...Has or the Rehab told you about the anatomy...which arteries/segments...which cranial nerves were affected...and, what may need to be continued when your mother is discharged?

Does your mother have functional language, cognition, hearing, vision?

When she is discharged, will she have home health care or be left alone at home?

Do you share/schedule visitng days w/your brother visiting your mother to give your dad some rest time?

Wishing you all the best to give your mother support...and your dad some breaks...

Prayers for your mother's recovery...


Support, Love and Patience ... is what your mom needs right is the thing that will help her make recovery .. it takes time... ~ Colleen