Mom's Recovery From Unruptured Aneurysm

I wanted to tell you all my mom's current situation and story..I am so glad I found this page for continued recovery and support for mom. My mom is my best friend and I have never been so close to anyone else in my life. I love her so much and just want her to live as normal a life as she can.

Last August, my mom had a very rare episode of what was called "transient global amnesia" or a rush of blood pressure to the head causing amnesia. She has never had any problems or issues before and this was completely unexpected and random. She couldn't remember anything in short term memory and had trouble remembering things that had just happened.

Basically, to make the long story short, she had a CAT scan and the neurologist thought she had an aneurysm. Another came in and dismissed it as simple a "nodule". She had ignored it then for 6 months until her family doctor insisted she get it tested. She went to get it tested and they found a small irregulear aneurysm which was very risky because both her aunts and uncle died of aneurysms. Her neurologist insisted on her having the surgery to get it removed. Unfortunately, he couldn't coil it and decided to clip it.

Just two days ago, she went through a grueling, 12 hour surgery. As her surgeon originally told her it would be 4-6 hour surgery, this was unexpected. She had an irregular aneurysm only 4 mm that was on a weak spot on a major artery. He said risk of bursting was almost 100%.

Her progression right now is amazing. She is doing very very well, yet seems very weak. Knowing her so well, I feel that something is "a little off"..I can't describe it, maybe she is not as perky, or just shortly answers people and isn't talking as much as she does. I'm sure this is common. Also, another issue is her appetite. I think she is on medication for nausea because she had some very bad nausea from the anesthetic. She says she is "just not hungry." The nurse said this was common..

Any recommondations or knowing from others what is common and what is not will be great as I will be taking care of her when she comes home for another few weeks.

Thank you very very much.

hi heather -glad you found the baf hoping you get some help here-your mom is only 3 days now post a 12 hr major surgery-her appetite will definatly improve just a year ago i would eat half a sandwich, my appetite took 2 yrs to return-she will also get stronger but its aslow process-i suspect you will see lots of improvement real soon-may God bless you &your family

funny u should mention Ellen i craved mango water ice while in the hospital, shakes also but they made me feel sick- then they told me i was lactose intolerant-NOT-just a virus i guess so im happy camper-they were in denial that there hospital could have germs!!

This is a long journey back...and it takes time and lots of rest for the brain to patient with mom...and it is wonderful Heather that you will be mom's caregiver...but remember to take time out for YOU...

Happy Friday...Continued Healing prayers mom's way...~ Colleen

Hey Heather, i cared for my mum post op when i was 15, she loved jelly of all things! and ice pops... It's hard caring for someone you love so much but in time she'll get stronger. Wishing you all the best

Thank you,

Yeah, she is already doing better, she just gets really bad pain at her incision and her right temple. Her appetite has already improved a lot. She just needs to rest more than she is-already she is trying to be up and around too much

Mom has been eating lots of sweets-she craved chocolate cake and anything chocolate. She always has, but when she first started getting an appetite back, she said that sounded good. She also likes smoothies. She is doing better already; having more pain at her temple and at the incision site. She will be getting her staples removed tomorrow and is worried about that

Hi Jaime,

Good luck to you-you will do great. It is better to get it taken care of than having to worry. My mom is already doing better and its only been a week

Thank you, Jo

Yes, mom has been enjoying smoothies and lots of h20! Yes, she is blessed to have had a repair vs. rupture--her repair was supposed to only take 4-6 hours and it took 12 hours because her aneurysm was tangled up in small blood vessels he had to stop from bleeding. Very scary. They told her it was very weak and ready to rupture. Also, hers was fusiform where it was spiky and irregular shaped. He had to make her a specialized clip; only the 4th he has ever had to make. She is lucky to be here. Thank you for the positive thoughts! I have been taking good care of her!

Hi Nikki,

She is doing good; getting rest, but lately wants to walk more and try to pick stuff up from off the ground, which isn't good. Lately, she is saying her temple hurts and the incision site hurts. She has been using lots of ice. She will be getting stitches out tomorrow.

I have been trying to take care of myself. It's hard but I've been trying. I haven't been working and haven't had an income ( i only work part time) and she will be paying me (although i don't want it).

Hi Heather ... all of these are good signs about your mom...may she keep on healing...~