My Story

had a mva 12 yrs ago.the left side of my head was driven into my shoulder with great force. went to er for checkup as head was feeling wierd, burning tingling etc. did not have a scan as person that was needed was not on duty. i was then sent home and remained in a somewhat bizarre state for the next 3 years all the while seeking medical help to find out what was wrong with me. then bang, massive headache and my body was going into the foetel position. back to a different gp who ordered a ct and there it was. 1.8 cm in size ready to burst. luckily it did not . off to surgery and 2 clips put on it. it was on the left middle cerebral artery within the silvian fissure. had a great surgeon, a great god and a wonderful wife. have the memory problems as well as vagueness but i figure thats a small price to pay.

Hi Noel ,

Wow, glad you're here ! Its a wonder why, considering the technology is 'right there', that its not utilized more often and easily by the medical world (I know its all about money, but just having to think that way drives me crazy) -- 3 years is a very long time to try to find an answer to your physical woes, glad you found someone who was sharp enough to okay the scan ! and happy you found an awesome surgeon too (oh hey and a great wife!)

Peace, Janet

Hi Noel and Again Welcome...what a story you have to tell??? ER staff really need to be on the look out for the symptoms of Brain much more then just the bad headache...hopefully one day this will change and people like you, me and others will get the needed help immediately...Glad you are a Survivor...~ Wishing you Continued healing...~ Colleen

hi Noel! wow what an amazing story, thanks for sharing! so sorry you had to wait 3 yrs but so glad they found it. You had the perfect "storm" almost-if it had happened too long ago fixing would not have been an option. Thank God we are here to tell our tales!