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I was asked tp share my story so here goes. I was in a car accident last month and the CT scan done on my head revealed an aneurysm. Recovering from the head injury now but feel like I’m waking up from a bad dream. I really don’t know anything about the aneurysm yet except that it’s there. I have uncontrolled hypertension and am on blood pressure medication now. Will update here as I learn more of my situation. Can’t get to doctor appointments right now so it may be a few weeks before I find out more. Trying to learn more here in the meantime. Thank You for the warm welcome. I was feeling very alone, scared and confused. I appreciate the kindness shown.

Thank You Jo,
I wouldn’t have known it was there otherwise so it must be a blessing in disguise. I’m doing a lot of reading right now. Trying to learn more.
Hugs Mystie

Mystie...welcome and prayers you can learn / ask...

You have already been blessed to have had a CT post MVA...was it done in emergency or by PCP?

I have such a strong interest in this because five years before rupture of my aneurysm, I was in two MVAs four months apart...the headaches began...PCP referred to them as "mild"... never recommended/ordered any testing...Several years later, same PCPs diagnosed me as a menopausal depressed...pushed paxil...which I finally took...I am a naturalist fanatic and did not even own aspirin pre-MVAs...and, to which after MVAs, I leaned on Excedrin or Tylenol... there is far more to these stories...

Then the initial leak/rupture/black-out, fractured shoulder and more...even after that emergency basic CT was done in ER or recommended by PCP...will skip from here except that it took another 25 days and two more ER before a CT and diagnosis...

Cherish whichever professional gave you a basic CT were blessed...

Prayers for your seeking / finding / learning.


Hi Pat,
The CT scan was done in the hospital ER. I believe this same ER physician saved my life on another occasion about 8 years ago for a completely unrelated incident with kidney stones and a kidney infection due to reflux. Had gallstones at the same time and both were symptomatic yet left untreated by my pcp at the time. This same ER physician found the problems and admitted me immediately for surgery. I changed pcp’s immidiately after that and have received outstanding care from my new pcp. I can’t stress enough how much having a good PCP is. As well as continuity of care.

Welcome Mystie!! so glad you're here as it has helped me so much. You are not alone anymore and i sense you will do fine in this journey-your thirst for knowledge will be a great ally as we will too! Hope to see you around the site! oh stop in the chat room if you'd like to chat-lotsa great folks there!! Keeping you in thoughts and prayers for success in all areas of this adventure!~~~i do believe in the Blessing theory and everything happens for a reason!


You were again blessed for excellent ER...and your new PCP...

My PCP, post second MVA did put me on 10-14 days of Xanax and referred me to a psychiatrist... no images of the brain...this facility/clinic...had decades of my records...which were overall, minimal...

When you get to talking w/docs about what procedure you will want/decide upon, please note to ask them about your kidney status...if any potential issues related to contrast dye, aka agents, materials, medium. You are the first one in ages who have addressed kidney anything...Once more, my personal opinion is that it needs to be more open to us by the docs in explaining the procedures...

Please keep us updated...wishes and prayers for your learning, your decisions, your results...


Thanks Ron,
I think I’ll be spending a lot of time here. So I’m sure you will see Me around the site. Lots of information to absorb. Everyone has been so welcoming and nice. Seems like I found a great group of people here.

Hi Mystie...Again, so glad you found our site. I do encourage, that when you can to seek advice from Neuro Doctor's on your brain aneurysm. ~ Colleen

Hi Colleen
As soon as I have transportation to and from the doctors office she is going to send me to the neuro specialist?

Hi Mystie ! Glad you found this site, its great for asking questions and learning all the in's and out's and whats what regarding the treatment options, symptoms, recovery, the works. You'll be able to gather up a list of questions to ask your doctor in coming weeks and perhaps when you do get in to see the Neurosurgeon bring along a friend or family member who can help you "hear" what the doctor has to say (Sometimes it really helps to have somebody else there since when they're talking about YOUR brain, well, its easy to get overwhelmed and not remember anything the doctor might've said!)

Not happy you had a car accident, but sure are glad you're here , Peace, Janet