Just my story

My aneurysm ruptured in the beginning of November 2012. My neck started hurting earlier that morning at like 9.10 am I had this horrible headache shooting up my head and I had to go to the bathroom and empty everything out, no vomiting though. I was able to call 911 myself and stayed conscious from the time they picked me up, 9.20 am till I was rolled into surgery at like 2 pm. I was even able to text message my husband from the ambulance where I was and where I was headed to, he immediately rushed to the hospital. They took a cat scan and discovered a brain bleed and transported me to a very nearby Trauma center. My aneurysm was 3 mm and located deep in the brain on the right side. The surgeon decided to do the coiling surgery. It did go well. I stayed in the hospital for 2.5 weeks and I am recovering at home right now. I got so so very fortunate so far, I am alive, no deficits have been detected and I am getting stronger physically. Emotionally though it has been quiet a challenge. So extremely thankful for this second chance, to deal with the own mortality has been very hard on me though. Every little ache is making me very nervous. I am only 39 and I still have so many plans and things I want to do with my husband. My husband was and is my rock through this whole ordeal and I cannot even imagine what he went through during surgery being told the outcome is uncertain. He said the only thing what kept him up is that I was conscious when I was rolled in. He than was by my side everyday for 12 hours and gave me the positive energy and thoughts I needed and he is still doing it. I could have not asked for anyone better. I also had amazing friends who visited everyday and kept my spirits up. Not to forget my husbands family who flew in the very next day after surgery to support us. When one left another family member flew in. My family lives in Germany and there fore it was harder for them to come that quick. Meanwhile my mom is here taking care of me of course. All I can say is thank you to family and friends and the best boss in the world who also falls into the category friends and also thank you to my husbands employer, who was so understanding. I was supported so tremendously and I am so so very thankful for that. I had a follow up MRA yesterday and was told I will have another Angiogram in 6 to 9 month. I am hoping of course for good turn outs but I am very anxious. Hoping that being anxious will go away over time.

You are so early in the healing journey...and it isn't just physical, but emotional (anxiety, etc.,)...don't be too hard on you...rest and more rest for that brain to heal...and come here for support...Cyber~Healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thank you. I know I am early in the healing process and I am actually so fortunate to barely have any headaches. Knock on wood. When I first came out of the hospital it was harder. The day before I was released I was taken off Dilaudid and Percocet. I was told just being on it for 2.5 weeks I wont have any withdrawals. But I did. I had cold sweats , aching everywhere and I am convinced this were withdrawal signs. Dilaudid is only one molecule away from heroin. But I am still thankful these drugs existed because I needed them at the time. Withdrawal was only for 3 days. I will be off work for a while and have the time to rest and I will take the time. One thing this taught me is, that so many things are so unimportant, health is really one of the few things that counts. I am also so fortunate to have an employer who is making it work for me and I can do a lot from home.

wtg Chrissi !! SO GLAD you beat the odds,& have found us! It has helped me so much in so many ways since my sah 3 yrs ago, sounds like your team is really top notch! Youth is on your side, i am 55 and my left side is shot including my vision. I am so relieved to read your recovery is going well- you are blessed! Nice to meet you and nice to hear a coiling went so well since ive heard on here that coiling is not as good as other methods--that is not true, coiling works-we are living proof. What is causing the anxiety? the upcoming angio? Don't worry too much -angios are easy. Think positive that you will be fine- just a few more hurdles. Keep the faith,we'll keep you in our prayers for strength & fortitude & a great angio results! I've had cold sweats too but that was 3 yrs since hospital drugs- so i'm not so certain it was withdraw.PS- you should re title this- its an awesome story!

Thank you Ron. Very sorry to hear about your deficits. It has to be very tough. But you are alive and that what counts!!!! I know I got so incredibly blessed so far. I am just scared of this happening again, I am scared of dying ... its an emotional ride. My aneurysm had an odd shape, apparently two parts. Basically a balloon on top of a smaller balloon with an opening. They coiled the upper balloon, the lower balloon had an artery running in and out with regular blood flow and they said it was not necessary to do anything about it. I was told its very rare but nothing to worry about. But of course I do. I was and am a very positive person and I am intending to overcome to be scared! I have such great support and a very good Doctor. And I am very happy to have found this side as well. It helps me a lot to read about it and write about it as well. Thank you Ron for your encouraging words!