My Son's latest CT Angiogram update

As I have posted here before, my son is 10 years old and had a 26mm aneurysm and had his surgery on May 10th of 2011. We went back up to WVU Hospitals last week on December 15th for his follow up and they did a CT Angiogram on him. They have declared him 100% cured and aneurysm free !!!! The doctors said that he never has to come back and that they dont think he'll ever have another one. He has 3 small holes in his forehead with caps on them and 7 titanium clips in his head to hold it all together. My wife says it looks like there is more than 7 and radiologist thinks so too. Our doctors name is Dr. Takanori Fukashima. One of the greatest men I guess I'll never meet. Boy would I love to just shake his hand. They scanned the other side just for good measure and said that both sides look normal. We are so blessed that God has allowed the doctors to perform this miracle for our son to allow him to be a normal young boy. I know we read alot of posts from people concerning their own situations and we pray every day that your healings come thru for you as well. It is a terrible thing to have to deal with and we just wish everyone the same successes we had with our son. Thanks to everyone again.

Jeff Moore

Hi, glad to hear your good news and many blessing to you and your family.
Your situation brings back so many memories . I was 10 years old when I got my first aneurysm on the left side. Despite one minor disability, I have gone to have a very successful life and your son will as well.
God Bless and Happy Holidays!!!

A wonderful story to read this Christmas Day! Truly blessed!


Now THAT'S a great Christmas present!

what wonderful news!! i'm so sorry your little one had to go through this but so grateful all is well now.

Jeff, you all were blessed... it is wonderful to read here for you. Thanks for sharing, it is a nice feeling for us to know of successes. Pat

Well done on getting the all clear merry Christmas and a happy health new year

Hi Jeff...

Thank~you for this uplifting story...May your be able to put this behind him and live life to its fullest...

For him...I stand up and Cheer ... "Whoop, Whoop....and a Happy and Healthy 2012 to all of you"....!



To you, your son and your entire family a very healthy and Happy 2012!

I am so pleased that you received the best words you can ever hear from a doctor! As we talked about before, your son is a miracle and is one lucky little boy!

May 2012 bring you and your family much joy, health and happiness!


I just saw your post -- not sure if you still see stuff from this board, but thanks for giving me hope for my own son. :o)

Widallas, thanks for your reply. I hope your situation works out as well as ours has. So far so good on our end. He is basically doing everything he always has and then some. What is your sons age and situation if may ask