My Mom's aneurysm

On Dec 21st of 2010 My 83 year old mother had a Brain Aneurysm.It was a bleeder she had it fixed with a coil.She’s doing pretty good now except for the headaches.The doctor said she’ll have them for at least six months.She gets so frustrated about them she wants to know if anything will help make them go away.She takes aleve,she tried tylenol.even excedrin but the headaches never go away.She was wondering if anyone knows of anything to help with the headaches.She can’t read long or watch tv long cause of the headaches.When she bends over or tries to look up she gets dizzy.She was wondering if all this will go away and she will be back to normal.She knows she’s lucky to still be with us but she’s also frustrated that she can’t do what she use to.I don’t know what to tell her

Hello, Hope all is better. I am not sure of an answer to this but thought I would tell you my husband got glasses after his aneurysm rubture (he really should have had them before that but kept putting it off) but his eyes got worse. Maybe that is your mother’s problem. Prayers to your mother!

May want to ask your mother's md about referral to neuro-oph to check vision...think many of us have issues... most all the cranial nerves are in the brain stem; and the (nerve II) optic (?) is connected to the retina (somehow, thru whatever) Other nerves relate to other parts of our vision; i.e. the muscle control of the pupil, etc...gets detailed...

I was only 61 when I ruptured/coiled...and, I had tremendous vision impact; have not regained it all...

and, no I do not have stronger yet have photophobia and loss of upper right peripheral... There is some other term for a type of lens my neurolgoist did not recommend....(can't remember the name)

Please do see if you can get your mother's vision checked... Impact on balance (dizziness, tripping/ falling) can cause other issues... I fell down stairs, broke my glasses, bumped my knees, my chin, etc... Please see if you can get more testing and/or therapies.

Prayers to you all...for good recovery...

Thanks for the information.My mother went to the eye doctor and got new glasses they seem to help some.I hope your husband is doing good now.Our prayers are with you both

I’ll tell my mom that the dizziness will go away with time.We finally called the doctor and he told her to take Ibuprofen.That seems to helpmore than anything.Thanks for your reply our prayers are with you.

Thanks for the Info my Mom did go get her eyes rechecked .He gave her new glasses they seem to help some.Our prayers are with you hope your doing good now.