My mom

My mom had was diagnoised with a brain aneurysm in August 2011.She had the coiling October 4,2011 but the Dr. was unable to complete the surgery due to to many curves in her arteries. On Oct 13 she had the clipping of the aneurysm, 13 hour surgery. My mom is going to be 73 on Jan 5 th. She has recovered physically very well, but the short term memory is where she struggles. She tells stories of things that never happened, she forgets from one minute to the next, she says she sees people that have not come to visit and she even says she sees people that have died. The only emotion she has is happy, no tears, no sadness, no anger. we just want our mother back, and my dad, he is 82, is the main caretaker, is worn out, we just keep praying for her complete recovery. We never imagined it would be so difficult, but thank God she is alive! I am so grateful to be part of this foundation to read other peoples stories and to reach out and pray for those going through a difficult time. God's blessings to you.

Again, Welcome Joanne...your family has my prayers during this time...Cyber~prayers and thoughts...Colleen