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My mom had brain aneurysm surgery on may 13th 2011, when I was only fifteen. I stepped up and became her main caretaker. She is slowly recovering, and discovering the "new" her. My mom is my Hero, she is the strongest person I have ever met and she is my role model. I am doing my best to be there for her like she was for me, which is hard because I am working and going to school fulltime, and also trying to be a teenager. What scares me most is the doctors say that within ten years she will probably develop another one. When we found out she had an aneurysm on May 2 of 2011 we contemplated when to have the surgery. We decided that she would go in for surgery after mothers day (just in case). When they operated on May 13th they said the surgery should take about 3 hours. Every hour after the original 3 they called to say it would take another hour. 6 hours after she went in, she came out of surgery. While operating they found that in the 11 days we waited to have her surgery she had developed 2 more aneurysms. All of them were unruptured and repaired with clipping. I am doing my best to be there to support her, but scared of her developing another.


I don't really know what to say, but, your Mom has to be very proud of you and your strong courage. You must be one remarkable young lady and everyone should be inspired by your story. Just try to live life for today and the moment. Your Mom is very fortunate to have the annie's discovered early and I would think that she will be checked routinely for others that may develop. Keep your faith and strong will for support and your own health. This is a great community to speak with others for encouragement or just to vent. You and your Mom will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Big Hugs,


Thank you karen, it helps to have people to share the thoughts and feelings with, and sometimes the fear.

I appreciate it alot,


Leah sorry to read about your mom hope she is well on the road to recovery and hope the drs are wrong and she never has another one.

Thank you, She is doing well, shes recovering slowly, but we are dealing with the bumps in the road one at a time, and making positive changes in our life to reduce the risk. unfortunetly aneurysms run in my family, and this is probably the one and only time that i can say i hope her doctor doesnt know what he is talking

Hi Leah -

Ive never heard of a doctor making a statement such as "within ten yrs she will prob develop another one." I also have 3 unruptured - one was coiled, 2 being watched, also have family history, but I'm told I may NEVER have another small ones may never grow, and I may never form more. My doctor is one of the top in the country, and I also consulted w another top top doctor, and they both said the same thing.

I have a 14 yr old daughter. (and 2 younger) and am're really young to have to deal with this - I hope that you have plenty of support. Your mom will be okay!!! Try to stay in the moment...there's a great saying..."Fear needs a future" ie - when we have fear, we're jumping ahead to a future that we cannot possibly know about. Try as best as possible to stay in the moment and not let the fear control you. Believe me, I know that's hard. But I do not believe that doctors prediction!!!!




Sounds like you are an amazing young woman. I also have an unruptured aneurysm and my clipping surgery is scheduled for Dec 16. My daughter is 14. I know you probably had the same fears that she has, and it sounds like you and your mom are as close as I am with my daughter, Meredith.

I am sure that your mom thinks that you are her "Hero". Sometimes life gives us experiences that we don't want or don't expect. Our challenge is to maintain a balanced mind and emotions as we weather those storms. The strength that you speak of in your mom has certainly taught you how to do this.

There is a beautiful mantra/prayer I would like to share with you:

All will be well, and all will be well. All manner of things will be well.

Appreciate each day, each breath. Find happiness and joy in all things. And don't forget to be a teenager. Trust me, I know that's what your mom wants for you.

Love and Light,

Meredith's mom (Nicole)

Oh you poor kid :frowning: your poor mom :frowning:
All my prayers and thoughts go out too you both!! Your mom is so lucky to have you!!



You are a wonderful daughter and I am sure you are a hero to your Mom also.

Being the daughter you are I know she will always get the love and care from you. Take care of yourself also. Super young woman you are.


You are your mom's angel...and our Hero at BAF...!

So young and so much have now given me faith in this generation...

You can't worry about mom developing another the Doctors are aware and will watch her diligently...not to mention...none of us can predict the future, but only live for today...

You are a wonderful wonderful person and daughter...and my prayers go out to You and Your Mom...

Keep us posted on her progress...Cyber~hugs Colleen

thank you very much, and i hope your surgery goes great, good luck with the recovery process also, it is a challenge but dont give up! your in my prayers. also let your daughter know that it is a hard process to go through, and a very hard and long road to recovery, but all will be well.

best wishes


you are an awesome daughter n i'm sure your mother is to thank for raising such a wonderful,loving person...i was 41 n my kids were 20 dghtr n son mom n husband were scared silly..but we prayed like never before n with your love n care for her she will start getting better n better,,,just have faith that a higher power,,mine is God, is looking out for you...he will not bring you to any situation that he will not help you sure and reach out to family members along w/her nuerologist to try n find some extra mother had cancer n netvous breakdown when i was father had just left us..i was all she had..i visited her n the hospital everyday for about 5 mo then we kinda switched roles when she came home because she was just having such a hard time...i had to help, take some of the load off of her..she is the strongest person i will ever know...i will keep yall both n my prayers for recovery along w/excellent health for many yrs 2 come..dont believe everything that dr says...maybe get a 2nd n prayers coming ur way